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(O-H06) Honey do list.

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Open channel message #010 to Octan Corporation..

Now that JS Smith was back home on Farmolis, his "Honey Do List" seemed to be piling up, one that had got him excited was to engineer a small long range recon craft for scouting out missions in places that were Octan really isn't supposed to be. A smirk came across his face as he reminisced the days of serving Octan in the Super Secret Task Force...oh those were the days...




End Transmission

Sorry for such a short story but Packing a three bedroom house takes alot out of you.


C&C always welcome.

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Really cool, you captured that garage feel so well. The lifts are well done. Good luck with the move!

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I totally agree with Shmails! It definitely has a solid garage feel! Quite industrial! I think it would benefit from tiles on the floor, but hey, to each their own. :wink: great job! I also like the little story! Good to have little characterizations like that. :classic:

~Insectoid Aristocrat

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