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Location: F08 - Raduon

Tags: Vehicle, Land Vehicle, Spaceship, Exploration, AG, Octan

++Start data transmission++


20229736269_a60d4633bb_t.jpg Any signs, Sue?

20416376055_1cffafddcd_t.jpg Negative, sir.

19795438843_4234cb393c_t.jpg Hon madr roman therva Kuaran.

20229736269_a60d4633bb_t.jpg Now, now, Ethel. Be nice.

19795438993_a067f5bda7_t.jpg There! There's one!

20229736269_a60d4633bb_t.jpg Alright, set her down, Sue.

19795438993_a067f5bda7_t.jpg Aye, sir.


20416376055_1cffafddcd_t.jpg It seems to have noticed, us.

19793749204_610b75bfb7_t.jpg KILL KILL KILL!!!

20229736269_a60d4633bb_t.jpg That's not our assignment, Eshey.


20229736269_a60d4633bb_t.jpg Come now, Hombre, I know you agree with Eshey, but this is not what we're here to do.

19793749204_610b75bfb7_t.jpg He didn't say anything!

20229736269_a60d4633bb_t.jpg Anyways, let's disembark and take a good look at it.


20416376055_1cffafddcd_t.jpg Hombre, you're going the wrong way, turn left!


20416376055_1cffafddcd_t.jpg OH, DON'T YOU SASS ME, MISTER!

19793749204_610b75bfb7_t.jpg Wait, he said something?


20416376055_1cffafddcd_t.jpg NO, MORON, YOUR OTHER LEFT!!!


20416376055_1cffafddcd_t.jpg I'M GOING TO SHOVE THOSE WORDS UP YOUR...

19795438843_4234cb393c_t.jpg Meyla krafla mikli thur syr!

20416376055_1cffafddcd_t.jpg NOT YOU, TOO! I'm going to stab you with your own helmet if you don't shut up also!

19793749204_610b75bfb7_t.jpg Wait, you understood her?

20229736269_a60d4633bb_t.jpg CHILDREN! Let's just make our way over to it!


20229736269_a60d4633bb_t.jpg That's better. Let's pick it up for a closer look.


20229736269_a60d4633bb_t.jpg What does it look like?

19795438993_a067f5bda7_t.jpg It looks like it's scared, sir.


20229736269_a60d4633bb_t.jpg Excellent! Mission successful!

19793749204_610b75bfb7_t.jpg Something about this situation is inappropriate.


20229736269_a60d4633bb_t.jpg What are you going on about, Eshey? You never make any sense.

19795438993_a067f5bda7_t.jpg Sir, I know this assignment was a psychological test for marketing, which was confidential. But now that we are here, could you let us in on it?

20229736269_a60d4633bb_t.jpg Well, as the major corporations here in Andromeda start conflict with each other over planets to dominate, our marketing department wanted to develop a vehicle that would take a form so terrifying that fear itself would be our ally. The idea is that the use of such a vehicle would discourage the other corporations from interfering with our assignments. Eshey and I had our brains scanned so they could find images of the thing that terrified us the most during our exploration assignments.


19795438993_a067f5bda7_t.jpg I see.

19793749204_610b75bfb7_t.jpg I'm still not sure how I feel about this.

20229736269_a60d4633bb_t.jpg You always worry too much, Eshey. Now, let's bring her about and return to the ship. And let's bring the alien back. I'm sure Dr. Long would want to take a look.

19795438993_a067f5bda7_t.jpg Aye, sir.


20229736269_a60d4633bb_t.jpg No, no, no, Hombre. We'll bring this one back alive.

19793749204_610b75bfb7_t.jpg What? I don't even...


19795438993_a067f5bda7_t.jpg Alright, sir, we're ready to leave Raduon and return to the Axle.


20229736269_a60d4633bb_t.jpg Engage.


++End data transmission++



















More pics under the spoiler tag.

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Fantastic! Not only do you have probably the most errrrm `diverse` set of characters in the AG, making them big scale now is just hilarious. I truly love it, great work!

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Now that's just awesome! And funny! Glad to see your team gets along so well. But Hombre really needs to watch his language... :grin:

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This is like multiple top notch builds in one. Dialogue is fantastic as always, I was surprised at first when I saw Dr. Long in the ship since I knew about mega-maidDr. Long, but then it all made sense. 10/10 for me.

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Win on so many levels! The Maxifig Dr. Long is one of the greatest things this game has produced, the story is really captivating, and that spaceship is super cool! Well done sir!

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You are way too good at these story builds! :sweet:

Dr. Long mech is hilarious and very well built. I particularly like the contrast between the studded "clothes" and the smooth face. :thumbup:

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Great pair of builds, the massive Dr. Long is quite funny and so is the alien! I also really like the ship... which, considering Dr. Long's size, it's got to be humongous! :laugh:

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Superb. Great idea, very funny and very well made.

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I'll reiterate the concensus that "Wow, I was not expecting this" :laugh: what the heck are you smoking!? :laugh: :laugh: :laugh:

This is a brilliant, brilliant build! I love everything about it! You perfectly captured Dr. Long in this towering Mecha suit! The legs are especially well shaped, as is the bun that you got perfectly! I am still just in awe that you even thought of this in the first place, let alone that you executed it so flawlessy! :laugh:

Also, I'm touched that you find Dr. Long to be such a menacing Figure that you thought to make a giant mecha in her image! :laugh: I'm sure Mecha-Long will bring terror and death to her enemies! Can you take a picture of her stomping over burning debris of buildings a la Dr. Manhattan or Godzilla? Because that is definitely a visual that needs to happen. :laugh: :laugh:

So much win!

~Insectoid Aristocrat

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