[MOC] Rumour Merchant – Lands of Roawia Outlaws Build

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Rumour Merchant – LoR Outlaws LCXVIII Entry by Gunnbrikt

After a nearly yearlong break from Lego I’ve finally dived in again and completed a build for the latest Lands of Roawia Outlaws Local Challenge with the theme “Rumours”.

I’ve been able to sort through about 70% of my Lego sorting pile now so had a load more easily accessible piece to pick from but once again is the parts are mostly from the Lone Ranger Silver Mine (the sets just too good for part usage!).

For the story portion I've included it in the Flickr photo description as it's too long to really post here. I’ll apologise now for the story being a bit cliché and corny but I didn’t feel like I wanted it to be too serious (plus I had a lot of ground to cover in a single build since his last adventures). I’m going to attempt in the next build to do a shorter, more concise story (hopefully!).

See my Flickr page for a couple more shots of the MoC from the front and an alternative angle.

Please feel free to comment, I’m only a new(ish) Lego MoC builder so any tips/constructive criticism are all appreciated.

Enjoy :)

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Nice work!

Very cool! Fun little scene too

Cool build! I like it!

That building looks really good for being so small, I like it.

Nice, I like the roof!

Thanks for all the comments guy :)

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