Picture-review of set 1656 (Evacuation Team)

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Some time ago I picked up this wonderful set and since it seems to be quite rare I am doing a pic review on it.


Name: Evacuation Team

Number: 1656-1 (there are actually two sets with this setnumber)

Year: 1991

Pieces: 236

Minifigs: 2

Price: unknown, expensive on BL, I got it myself (second hand) for 17,50 euro

This is, as said before, quite a rare set and I am not sure if it was ever released worldwide. I remember seeing this set in the Blokker shops here in Holland, back when it first came out.

It is a rather unusual set, a fireset that is concentrated not on putting out fires but in evacuating (what exactly is not really clear) and it includes a small bulldozer, flatbed, truck and something similar to the 6525 firecar of a few years later.

It has lots of useful pieces, like four doors with firesymbols on them, tiles with red and white stripes and lots of red and yellow lights.

Off to the pictures!

Let's start with the official picture of this set:


Now, to mine, a bit dark, but clear pics.


An overview of the complete set


The small car with the only fire-equipment of this set, notice the great headlights placed between the front wheels!


The little bulldozer, with four large wheels instead of the usual two large-two small combination.


The truck with the flatbed trailer (there are no stands underneath the trailer so without the truck it looks a bit silly... Notice the trucks headlights and indicatorlights placed in succession.


The two brave firefighters and all of their equipment, inlcluding the funny light unit on wheels which only stands upright because of the broom and pickaxe on the back. Notice the white construction helmet worn by one of the figs instead of a firehelmet.


The mounting of the bulldozer onto the truck.


The entire scene again, showing the headlights of the small car again.


And finally a picture of the (regrettably) holepunched instruction booklet.

To conclude this review, the rating:

Build/pieces: 5/5 (I had great fun assembling and there are some really nice pieces)

Looks: 4/5 (The windscreen of the small car could have been an airplane-one, and I am not really fond of the indicatorlights on the truck and the fact it has no backlights).

Realism: 4/5 (I have never seen a firetruck flatbed with bulldozer in my life, but when something excists I am sure it will look something like this. I am missing the stand underneath the trailer).

Overall: 4/5, great recommendable set, with some minor flaws, of the classic nineties era!

Comments welcome of course!

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This is one of those great old sets with a very high playability level.

Thanks for making this review Simon!

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It has lots of useful pieces, like four doors with firesymbols on them (...)

Na, this

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IIRC, these kind of trucks are used after the fire is done to clear the land and refurbish it.

great little set, i wish i had this one. i had a lot of the early-mid 90s fire sets but this is one i never had :-/

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