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YAHP [Yet another Hello Post] I'm Jerry

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Warning, scatterbrained post incoming...

I'm 33, and a Lego addict. I started with Legos (the square blue bucket) when I was a small kid in the mid 80s, and could hardly ever put them down. Got into doing the Technic sets and just enjoyed myself with them. I could only keep the sets together for a few weeks until I got the stage of taking them apart for my own creations. Of course, once I "grew up" (pff, debatable) my Legos remained in the bin for over a decade.

It was only a few years ago when I dumped out the old bin and built stuff with one of my old time friend whose a Lego addict too. We bought a few 'recent' sets (mainly for parts) for our "Lego Movie" we were going to make. My situation changed and ended up having to move.

Just a few days ago, I ended up deciding to get back into some Technic stuff and bought the 42009 Crane MK2 while my girlfriend decided on one of larger Chima sets ($350 USD in Legos!?!). Her first set, ever. Not to mention buy *2 more* Chima sets 2 days later (another $150!?!). During construction of the crane, I seen many things I wanted to do differently and I had previously seen Jurgens ultimate crane mod (on this forum). But jeez I don't have any of these new studless parts. I *really* need to catch up, and now my girlfriend is addicted...

My my, how Legos have changed since my last Technic set #8880. How I wish I knew about all this new stuff RC stuff.

Anyway, I was a kid that put my Legos through hell... Dirt, sand, rocks, down hills, etc. Not to mention the "wars" my guys got into... Now as an adult, I still visualize how 'my guy' would make use of something I build. I still 'play' with my Legos, and use them to visualize mechanical mechanisms...

That's enough for now...

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YAHP is something I usually say when I register somewhere new. In the meantime, here's "Crazy Bunny" watching the OJ chase in space...


Thanks for the welcome samuraiturtle. :)

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Thanks for the welcome everyone.

I'll be having some more stuff to post after we finish our move next weekend and get settled in the new place. Even though my dark-age lasted a decade, much of the Legoverse has been preserved and added into my homebrewed RPG as a primary race. Too much 'work' and imagination has gone into my Legoverse as a kid and teen it to let it die.

I need to catch up on the new pieces so I'll also be doing some building in LDD to learn the new pieces. Got lots of new sets in the last couple weeks along with my girlfriend (what we spent total thus far is stupid... But fun) and a lot of those pieces were new to me, especially the technics.

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