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Location: Sorn, B06

Tags: MANTIS, land vehicle, spying, military, building


AG: Sorn Sabatoge by David FNJ, on Flickr

Double D's log 12:

Kawashita developed a large shield over several of their buildings that is blocking some of our larger vehicles and spacecraft from forcing them to surrender. I am being sent with a few MANTIS operatives to go inside the shield's boarders and take out the shield generators so that reinforcements can finish the job.

Our mission, get in, get out, and watch it blow!

It's all or nothing!

~ DD out



The epic looking doors and spiral columns


Roof of the building


Yup! Full interior!


Gotta have those sci-fi crates!




The doors slide open and the locking mechanism works! You can't open the doors without first detaching them.


Each lock sets into place on a black stump with the yellow stripe.


Because the rod sticks out only a little bit, it makes locking, unlocking, and setting the locks into the black stumps easy and efficient without sacrificing functionality.


Next are the photos that show some action shots and rockwork.









Finally, the MANTIS Jeep







This was a BLAST to build! I'm very pleased with how this creation turned out from the colors, the building details, the interior, the rockwork, and the MANTIS Jeep. This is definitely my favorite MANTIS creation so far.

Edited by David FNJ

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Stunning! I love everything about it, from the doors to the spiral columns to the crates to the holo screens on the roof, not to mention the wonderful rockwork! The jeep reminds me of the ones from Jurassic Park. :classic: Great job all around! :wub:

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Absolutely superb! I really love everything about it - the functioning doors are way cool, and that twisting design with the wheel covers (whatever they're called, I know nothing about cars) is awesome. Love the angles around the windows too, and even the fact that there are windows is pretty inspired - we don't see nearly enough sci-fi builds with them, but they look great! The rock work is also superb. Really no weak links, great build.

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Fantastic build! Love the use of wheel cover pieces, and the architecture throughout is superb. And brilliant use of the under-platform! Also really love the landscaping, even if it is a bit odd for grass and trees to be growing in such a rock-solid environment. :wink::grin: The door lock is really cool too and so is that vehicle!

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This is like 3 builds in one! The jeep is really cool and rugged looking, matches the rockwork terrain really well. But the building with so many cool features that were clearly well thought out! The locking mechanism with their stands is cool. And all those scifi crates full of ... stuff! Amazing build, just a treat to look at and find all the cool things you did.

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Wow. Cool rock work and trees. Love the doors and the way you used those dbg car rims. The vehicle is cool and the interior is really nice and clean, especially the flipped base plate as a floor.

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Lovely work David! I love the attention to detail and those spiral columns! :D The gate locking mechanism is fantastic also, well done!

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That's a pretty epic building! Love the locking mechanisms :thumbup: Great work on the interior and landscape too.

And some neat parts usage for the jeep :classic:

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Fantastic build David, as others have mentioned, the car rims are superb, and the upside-down plate on top is a awesome solution there! :sweet: Excellent base throughout - that interior is lovely as well! - and the landscaping and vehicle are not disappointing! A truly awesome build!

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