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Blackhawk STX

[K-A04] Search and Rescue

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Location: Mynderis

Tags: Kawashita, Mynderis, Spaceship, Military

The good news: I’m officially an ace! I shot down two escort fighters on that intercept mission over Terrial Minor, which brings my total to six! Woo hoo!

In the action against the bug-eyed aliens, I managed to do some real damage. The ion disruptors on the Gremlin weren’t as effective as I was promised, but they did have some effect, and we sent them back with bloody noses (or whatever they breath through, if they even breathe at all…).

And so, Operative Q told me that I’ve been transferred to First Division, and that there’s a promotion in the works! Hard to imagine that things can get any better!

Unfortunately, at that point, they can get a whole lot worse…

The bad news: Aera Lure is MIA.

I’ve been told that she was last heard of flying a recon mission over Mynderis and failed to report back. A faint, garbled Kawashita distress signal was detected not long ago. Maybe she’s still alive…

Aera and I have known each other since we were kids (though she would say I still am). She’s the reason I’m a part of Kawashita. So if she needs my help, there’s nothing that can stop me from doing everything I can to come through. Even if it means disobeying orders…


Fortunately for me, it hasn’t come to that. Mister S found out what I was about to do, and he managed to get me orders to go find her. He even got me a ship! It’s the Samurai, a design Kawashita got from a tech exchange with the NAIS (New Avalon Institute of Science). And he wished me luck as well. Thanks. I’m going to need it.

Hang on, Aera! I’m coming!







Here's a pic of the design that inspired this build:


This is what I consider a trial and error build, because it was a trial and most of it seemed to be an error! Getting the twin nose booms to attach with minimal gaps proved challenging. However, after a bit of frustration, it all started to come together...

While I'm pleased with the nose, it seems like this build is a bit of a step backward in terms of design style. Still wish I could have done better with the wings and upper engine pod. But I think the overall shape came out well.

In terms of story, I like to have a bit of humor, but Blackhawk does have a serious side to him, and it felt like a good time to show that. But don't worry! Our walking accident will be himself soon!

C&C's welcome!

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Nice build! I actually prefer your version to the inspiration :classic:

Wow! Thank you! That really means a lot... :blush:

Great ship! The shaping is very nice and I like the cockpit :thumbup:

Thanks! It was a pain at times but it worked out in the end.

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