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Commander Beltar

[SWEU] - Cat. B - Tinok-F Patrol Cloud Car

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Remember that ship that had two lines in The Truce at Bakura?

No? Well here it is:

The Tinok-F Patrol Cloud Car

Manufactured By: Bakur Repulsor Corp

The Tinok-F had two pods (duh) one for a passenger or gunner, and one for the pilot. It could fly up to 50 meters and could reach up to about 950 Kilomeers per hour. Usually only needed one to fly it, but it was good to have an extra navigator.

Originally these patrol cars were unarmed, but when the Imperial Occupation came, civil unrest followed forcing the police force to equip them with armor plating and weapons. Governor Nereus insisted an addition of a full-spectrum audio and video sensor, including a scrambled comlink transmission. Imperial patrol troops also used these vehicles.


Main Pic

“A double-podded local patrol craft streaked out of the hazy sky and landed close to the Falcon, two Bakuran enforcement officers sprang out, steering a repulsor litter between them.”


Pilot Pod…with Beltar Pilot


Main Pic 2

“A double-podded security craft swooped toward him. He dove out of the traffic lane, into a canyon between tall buildings and groundcar ramps. His pursuer followed, firing erratically. Han braked, swooped into a narrow alley, then jinked an Immelmann up-and-over back out into the cany0n. Security sped into the alley, passing beneath him. Han didn’t see him fly back out.”


Gunner Pod…yes you can see I forgot to change one part before taking photos…oh well…


The Center Part with the listening device that Governor Nereus insisted on putting in.



More Pics in the spoiler!








Extra Angle

Here’s how the Truce at Bakura Sourcebook describes it:

Patrol Cloud Car Cloud cars are the traditional vehicles of local enforcement agents assigned to control traffic in and around Bakura's capital of Salis O'aar. These double-podded vehicles are considerably faster than most airspeeders and quite reliable. While patrol cloud cars were unarmed when Bakura was free of Imperial rule, the arrival of Governor Wilek Nereus brought about much civil unrest. Faced with two armed rebellions and several purges, Bakuran police forces had no choice but to equip their cloud cars with armor plating and laser cannons. At the insistence of Governor Nereus, the craft were also equipped with full-spectrum audio and video sensors (for listening in on and watching suspicious Bakuran citizens), while a communications scanner is capable of intercepting comlink transmissions and detecting jamming and scrambled communications. Imperial patrol troops use identically prepared cloud cars, but they can also call on military airspeeder backup if confronted by an unruly mob. In any event, the bright yellow and red patrol speeders are an unwelcome sight to the many Bakurans who fear Governor Nereus.

Wookiepedia Link:

Here! (I didn’t copy a whole lot of lines from the page again… :tongue: )

Good luck to all who entered this contest and I’m glad it was extended one day otherwise I’d have to have wrote this at 10pm. Anyways, hope you enjoyed this build! C and C welcome!


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