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Location: B06

Tags: Vehicle, Land/Water vehicle, Building, Military


17971638764_d8c2d39728_o.jpgAh, finally I get to have my revenge on Kawashita for capturing me last time I was on Sorn.

20048247420_10b897f9ca_o.jpgAnd you're sure you'll be able to disable their defenses?


17971638764_d8c2d39728_o.jpgOf course, Captain Read! Let me tell you again about my heroic escape...

20048247420_10b897f9ca_o.jpg That won't be necessary-

17971638764_d8c2d39728_o.jpgIt all started a month ago when I woke up in a dank cell...


17971638764_d8c2d39728_o.jpg Wha... where am I?

20242078271_6e3e05cb3f_o.jpgNowhere you'll like. You're a prisoner of Kawashita now, and your... 'debriefing' is about to start. Come with me.


20048247690_5d9b481e2d_o.jpgLet's start with something easy. Who are you? Who do you work for?

17971638764_d8c2d39728_o.jpgI'll tell you nothing! M.A.N.T.I.S. agents are trained to resist torture!

20048247690_5d9b481e2d_o.jpgSo you work for M.A.N.T.I.S....

17971638764_d8c2d39728_o.jpgDamn it!

20048247690_5d9b481e2d_o.jpgWe may as well skip ahead. We know you're Big Sal, first branch executive and chief scientist of M.A.N.T.I.S. You may as well admit it and save yourself some pain.

17971638764_d8c2d39728_o.jpgBig Sal? Never heard of him. What kind of name is that anyway?


17971638764_d8c2d39728_o.jpgWell, is Big his first name? Or is Sal? But then what's his surname?

20048247690_5d9b481e2d_o.jpgI...uh...hang on...

17971638764_d8c2d39728_o.jpgYou'd best check your intelligence - sounds like you've got it all mixed up.

20048247690_5d9b481e2d_o.jpgYou don't tell me what to do! Guard, take him back to his cell! This isn't over for you...


18619421104_86bea5321a_o.jpgPssst! Mr Sal!

17971638764_d8c2d39728_o.jpgNever heard of him! Who are you?

18619421104_86bea5321a_o.jpgI'm Dr Wu's assistant, remember? I don't understand why you're being kept prisoner. I hope this won't affect Dr Wu's chances of getting the Nobel Prize!

17971638764_d8c2d39728_o.jpgWait, you still believe that? Maybe the Persuadomatic's effects are permanent! Or maybe this guy's just really dumb...

18619421104_86bea5321a_o.jpgWhat was that?

17971638764_d8c2d39728_o.jpgUh... I mean, yes, I'm afraid this will affect her chances. You need to get me out of here right now so she can still get the recognition she deserves!

18619421104_86bea5321a_o.jpgOh, right away!


17971638764_d8c2d39728_o.jpgNice work!

18619421104_86bea5321a_o.jpgThis way! When we get to the top floor I'll distract the guards so you can sneak past them.


20242078271_6e3e05cb3f_o.jpgSo I said to him 'Kawashita? I hardly know her!'

19615322293_c625ef95bd_o.jpgHeh heh heh.

18619421104_86bea5321a_o.jpgHAHAHAHA! How funny!

20242078271_6e3e05cb3f_o.jpgYou again? For the last time, the prisoner isn't from the Nobel Prize Committee! Speaking of which, I'd better go check on him.

17971638764_d8c2d39728_o.jpgDamn! Best find another way out...


18619421104_86bea5321a_o.jpgNo, wait!

20242078271_6e3e05cb3f_o.jpgGet out of the way!




17971638764_d8c2d39728_o.jpgThese look nasty. May as well hack in a remote backdoor access in case we ever want to come back here and free the other prisoners.

20242078271_6e3e05cb3f_o.jpg PRISONER ESCAPED! SOUND THE ALARM!

17971638764_d8c2d39728_o.jpgUh oh...




17971638764_d8c2d39728_o.jpg...and then I swam all the way back to M.A.N.T.I.S. territory!

20048247420_10b897f9ca_o.jpgUh, yes Sal, while I'm sure the troops are very inspired by your story, we're nearly in comms range of the outpost, so you'd better get on with disabling their missiles.

19615321983_7fbab87d6d_o.jpgWe're in weapons range now Captain.

20048247420_10b897f9ca_o.jpgVery good. Acquire targets.


20048247420_10b897f9ca_o.jpgHow's it going Sal?

17971638764_d8c2d39728_o.jpgGetting there...


19615321983_7fbab87d6d_o.jpgCaptain! We're detecting their weapons powering up!


19615321983_7fbab87d6d_o.jpgThey're targeting us!



17971638764_d8c2d39728_o.jpgOh sh-







20048247420_10b897f9ca_o.jpg Damage report!

19615321983_7fbab87d6d_o.jpgShields took most of the damage Captain. All systems operational except long range comms.

17971638764_d8c2d39728_o.jpgWe've really got to start using our own software...

20048247420_10b897f9ca_o.jpgReturn fire! Take out that missile battery!

19615321983_7fbab87d6d_o.jpgFiring now!


19615321983_7fbab87d6d_o.jpgTarget destroyed!

20048247420_10b897f9ca_o.jpgExcellent! Move in! Commander, prepare your troops for Mean and Nasty Invasion!


Well, I finally got to tell the tale of Big Sal's captivity. Unfortunately it made the post a bit long - thanks if you made it to the end! C&C welcome! A few more pics in the spoiler.





Edited by Big Sal

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:head_back::rofl: :rofl: CLAPPIE assist, just like that old paper clip guy. and 4 -12 weeks :wacko:

Your stories are always fun but that made me laugh out.

Also, I think Sal don't remember the interrogation correctly, Kawashita follow all laws of prisoners rights :innocent: (those "tools" must have been for show)

Edited by EpsilonEta

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Brilliant, brilliant, brilliant! My favorite build from you Sal, and that's saying something!!!

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Ok, so I love the boat, love the building and rock work but the Octansoft thing with Clappie was amazing. You are the best storyteller in AG IMO and this is the best story yet!

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Very nice pair of builds! The ship's interior is really good!

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great water effect, interior and rock work. i especially like the hatch sal escapes through and the touches of dbg against the dark red wall

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I really like the hatch too, but my favorite bit is the rocket launcher on the roof :wub:

Nice use of CLAPPIE, btw ... maybe s/he started life as a software assistant before gaining self-awareness.

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HA! And you thought you guys were "capturing" our robots! :devil:

Excellent storytelling as per the usual here Big Sal. :thumbup:

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Haha, that is too funny! See, Big Sal knows his stuff!

Yeah, we probably should use our own software, but ours may have more "bugs" in them :grin: Time will tell I guess :wink:

That boat is fantastic, especially those guns, and I especially like that it has an interior.

The Kawashitan base looks fantastic as well! Awesome job!

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Amazing work, Sal! :drool: The dark bley accents are superb and I love that boat :thumbup:

Hilarious story as usual too :roflmao: :roflmao:

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Ha, ha, fantastic build and hilarious story once again Big Sal! Excellent job on the ship both inside and out, the water looks superb, and the Kawashita base and rockwork it is perched upon are awesome! Got to love that shot of Big Sal leaping off as well! :grin::laugh:

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Two wonderful builds! The Kawashita base looks superb, and I like the rocky cliffs underneath it :thumbup: Great use of olive parts on the MANTIS boat, and it looks like it packs some serious firepower.

Amusing storyline as always too :classic:

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