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Welcome to the LEGO Media and Gaming Forum!

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Hello and welcome to the LEGO Media and Gaming forum.

These days LEGO is not just a construction toy. LEGO is an array of games, TV shows, web-content and movies. This forum has been designed to cater to this area of LEGO fandom.

What Belongs Here

This Forum is home to discussion related to: LEGO Video Games, LEGO Board Games, LEGO TV Series, LEGO Movies, LEGO web-content, LEGO Books and LEGO Comics. If it isn't the physical bricks or LDD technical jargon then you can talk about it here!

However we would prefer the Constraction Figure storyline discussion to remain in the Action Figures forum where it has thrived as an important part of the forum since the founding of that section.

What About The Bricks?

If you have come to Eurobricks directly through this section then this is an important question. After all, these media properties go alongside the excellent building sets TLG produces. Each respective LEGO theme is discussed somewhere on the forum. The below links will take you to the right places to talk about the construction toys.

LEGO Ninjago . LEGO Superheroes . LEGO Bionicle. The LEGO Movie. LEGO Licensed. LEGO Star Wars LEGO Lord of the Rings LEGO Elves

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