[MOC] Simpson's Style Mansion

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Hello! I am back with a new townhouse/mansion MOC. It is inspired by the official LEGO Simpson's House set; however, I found that the set was too suburban to fit well with my urban city, so I decided to take the essence of the house and transform it into a modular building.

19565771493_f7ae8d6f86_k.jpgIMG_9676 by Topper (TT for short), on Flickr

Here is the front of the exterior, featuring some SNOT technique and a simple, green door.

20186773245_dc2299bd5a_k.jpgIMG_9693 by Topper (TT for short), on Flickr

This is the first floor interior

Thank you so much for the feedback, I really appreciate it. I just wanted to include the spirit of the Simpson's house into my city, as well as fulfill my girlish desires to have a dollhouse made out of Lego bricks. Thanks again, and if you would like you can see this creation in more detail on YouTube at:

... Or Flickr at:

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Thank you! I think it fits in much better than the original house, although it's almost as large as the town hall so it just seems, well, big. I'll try and attach some pictures of it in the city soon, thanks again!

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