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Hi to all EB users,

I have the pleasure to present the first collaboration AITORUCO/MTRkustoms

We are a spanish train builders and the better way to make a collaborative MOC is to design and build a Ghostbuster Headquarter :grin::laugh::blush: .

This Headquarter is completed with the Ecto-1 with custom leds of MTRkustoms and the 8w American cars of AITORUCO :wink::wub:

There is no need to talk about this building so lets see the pictures, so..... who you gonna call?











More Pictures and all full resolution pics here

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Cool looking build. Love the graffiti artist and the exterior detail. Can't help thinking that the ground floor is a bit low... In my opinion it'd look better being as high as the first floor. Still a nice addition to your layout though - nice work!!

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Very nice indeed, captured the exterior look perfectly, i agree with Greg maybe the bottom floor could be a couple of bricks higher but if your anything like me greys are usually hard to come by!

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Interesting. I have also been building the Ghostbuster's HQ. Currently my first floor is about 13 high and my second floor is 14 high. But it still feels too tall compared to other modulars. At least in my head. I haven't built it fully yet. I'm still in the design phase.

But nice job with the lighting. That always spruces up a MOC.

Are there more pictures of the Ecto-1? I assume it would have been modified to accommodate the smaller opening. My HQ is built to house the official set, that's why mine is taller and bigger.

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