Lego Freight Train idea & instructions

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A brand new custom lego Freight Train made in LDD.

I can't seem to upload the screenshots here. Check out the screenshots on MOCpages:


[link removed: self promotion]

Edited by JopieK
Link removed, added the image.

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Ummmm... This guy added a couple 2x2 round flat tiles to the side?

Hopefully Zephyr gave his blessing to this replica.

Don't forget the brick build coupling on the front...

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The stern side probably has countless differences as well, right?

Look, far be it for me to get indignant on Zeph's behalf, but this kind of thing really rubs me the wrong way. Eurobricks is my favorite AFOL site on the net precisely because 98% of the guys here are truly gifted builders, and simply collaborating in our passions. As is custom in any artistic endeavor, we're constantly inspired by the works of others, but most of us CITE or CREDIT that inspiring artist whenever possible. This not only crosses the line of drawing inspiration from a fellow AFOL, it goes into flagrant plagerization. Surely many of us (myself included) have created near-exact replicas of builds our colleagues have shared here, but we CREDIT them for it (and therein the immitation is a high form of flattery). But I personally find it a grievous violation of decorum and offense to the community as a whole when a replica is not only passed off as "custom", but someone attempts to PROFIT off what amounts to the theft of intellectual property.

Thank goodness we have great moderators like JopieK to combat the profiteering, and sharp minded members like Daedalus to recognize a plagerization.

Apologies to anyone who takes offense to the strong words here, but I firmly believe that the Eurobricks is a unique community of immense value, and antics like this need to be called out and denounced in order to keep the unique collaboration of this community intact.

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Thank you to everyone who has been looking out for my interests on this matter. While indeed it is quite flattering to see someone borrow heavily from one of my designs, I ask that they keep private any of my secrets that they discover in the process until asking for and receiving my permission to share them.

I certainly do no mind pictures posted of a MOD, but I do not want someone to share build instructions or digital files that borrow so heavily from my creations without permission. Furthermore, I did not authorize nor do I approve of selling said instructions or digital files.

LegoGunInstructions, feel free to continue showing the images of your MOD, but please take down your offer to distribute the instructions and please remove your EBay listing of said instructions.

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