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Here's the progression topic for my entry to TC7

It's a bandits off road buggy that features a flying battle mode.

Here are my rudimentary plans. Please excuse the lack of scale, real measurements, color, and or anything resembling a coherent image.


My goal is to make it "toy like" It will probably have one motor that folds everything in, and then a lever that releases spring loaded wings.


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Spent some time figuring out the fold out wings.

First up was using a small LA to extend the fold out wing tips....didn't work so well.


Folding the main wings out worked OK with the small LA's as well.

Unfortunately they gave the wings a swept look which wasn't in line with my original design. I wanted weapons mounted on the wings and It was supposed to be a prop job.


I built another version with the large LA's ....but that wasn't working either.


Fast forward like 20 hours and i've built this contraption..


This is the top view of the wings. They are now operated with pneumatics . Not sure why I didn't think of it first. Makes perfect sense to use them in a wing where it folds out and you have to power something on the end of the wing tip. An air tube can go anywhere.

This design uses one large LA that moves both wings out, here is the underside:


I'm going yellow instead of green for the highlights for two reason. to match the pneumatic cylinders and also i have yellow rims and two size tires so I can have big back tires and smaller front tires to give it more of classic buggy look when in 'normal' mode.

Here she is folded out. Huge wingspan! I built too big again! :-)


and the underside:

I'll throw some guided missiles that will fold out on the wing tips and be hidden otherwise.


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Looking cool, just hope you don't fly too close to the sun on this one, cause that has happened to me with these competition projects :laugh: .

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At the moment it looks awesome!!Looking forward to the final entry. :thumbup: :thumbup: :thumbup:

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Icarus here. meh, just scrapped the whole thing. It was getting too big and too heavy as per my usual downfall. I should have taken a picture -it was ridiculous. :sceptic: I even had double wheels on the back like the tumbler along with motorcycle front wheels. It was a big mess. :thumbdown:

I started over with a small frame and the original wheels I wanted to use all along. Goal this time is to keep it simple. no motors, no pneumatics, just good old fashioned Hand Of God. I think the folding wheels are out too. Just no simple way to fold a wheel that has a shock, or is driven or is steerable.

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Thanks here's a shot of the chassis that I started over with.


Lesson learned. build the chassis first not the wing mech :wacko:

Edited by Graydingo

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A Bandit by Graydingo

Enforcers never know what hit 'em. Whether cruising off road, or on the high way -BUG OUT can wreak havoc from the highway or from the toughest terrain. If cover get's blown, its time to BUG OUT! And maybe launch a guided missile for the unsuspecting Enforcers!

It's an off road buggy that converts to a prop plane with guided missiles.


- 4 link rear suspension

- Opening doors

- Rear differential, that drives the 4 cylinder engine.

- Independent front suspension

- Color Scheme

- Custom License plate (I went to summer camp in Minnesota and I recall there being A LOT of bugs. :-D)

- Light bar, Fog lights

- HOG (Hand of Graydingo) steering






Battle Mode

Hidden prop clutch lever. Engages prop to drive train.

Hidden prop safety lever. Releases prop / holds prop when in "Bumper" mode.

2 stage wing fold outs, exhaust pipes fold up to hold wings in place. Sliding bar holds doors in "Normal" mode with easy cockpit access.

4 guided missiles exposed in battle mode.

Gear driven fold out tail section and two stage tail fin.

Second stage of wings stay in place with rubber resistance.




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Normal mode looks really good, a lot better than the official buggy. And the front bumper / propeller is a really nice touch. Good luck :-)

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