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Hello, everyone! I love building the Lego Castle sets, as well as making my own MOCs. I think castle hasn't been as much of a focus lately, perhaps because many (based on what I have heard) feel that castle keeps regurgitating old ideas. What does everyone else think? My MOCs have revolved around King arthur and Robin Hood, since these are two themes as of yet unexplored in the official Lego world. The Forestmen and Dark Forest sets do resemble Robin Hood though, and I like to collect these.

If you are interested, I just got a Robin Hood project approved at Lego Ideas:

You can also see pictures of this and other MOCs on my Flickr account:

Nice to see so much active discussion here!

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Welcome to Eurobricks! As a castle fan, be sure to check out the Guilds of Historica subforum within the Historic section here!

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