Star Wars vs. Marvel Contest Voting Thread

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I apologize for the lateness of this thread. My sister-in-law got married this last weekend and helping with it kept me away from my computer for the better part of 5 days.

Voting is now open! Each picture is a link to the original thread. Please go to each thread before voting as there are more pictures from the members that may help you make a better choice.

  • Please vote for your two favorite entries in each category by listing the category and then the numbers. For example:

Cat. A



Cat. B




Cat. A

#5 (2)

Cat. B

#3 (2)

  • You can vote for two different entries or you can vote for the same entry twice.
  • Only those who were members before the contest ended on July 1st 2015 can vote. If you were not a member before July 1st then you can't vote. This is to prevent accounts being created for voting.
  • First place in Cat. A will win 75052 Mos Eisley Cantina
  • First place in Cat. B will win 76032 The Avengers Quinjet City Chase
  • As a member can only win one of the two prizes, if a member gets the most votes for both categories they will be given the option of which prize they want and then the 2nd place person will win the other prize.
  • You cannot vote for your own entry!

  • Voting will close at the end of the day on the 24th of July. As long as it is still the 24th somewhere in the world, you can still vote. Votes cast after that hour will not be accepted.

Cat. A:

19153025749_d33a8d4e7f_m.jpg – 1. keiththelegokid - Captain America and the Winter Soldier V Battle D

sml_gallery_38409_287_50727.jpg - 2. NuffSaid1996 - Daredevil's Strike

19330107375_902350d7a5_m.jpg – 3. Artizan - Darth Maul vs Wolverine

sml_gallery_38409_287_5717.jpg – 4. Darkrattyop - Deadpool vs. Boba Fett-Limited Series

sml_gallery_38409_287_87367.jpg – 5. Borex - Doc. Ock is bad news to the Jedi!

19033765520_94e3867517_m_d.jpg – 6. Commander Beltar - Duel on Kamino

sml_gallery_38409_287_122562.jpg – 7. Lancethecat Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2: War on Naboo

19213708751_744b1a07e8_m_d.jpg – 8. mediumsnowman - I'm the ANT-MAN!

sml_gallery_38409_287_203241.jpg – 9. scuotter - Iron Man VS Stormtroopers

18720194573_03690bdb56_m_d.jpg – 10. goatman461 - Lords of Thunder

19245636462_892a833294_m_d.jpg – 11. Galactic13 - Skywalker vs. Thanos

19120106789_afe4628e79_m_d.jpg – 12. Captain Nemo - Slave Leia vs MODOK

sml_gallery_38409_287_99908.png – 13. LegoPercyJ - Spider-Man vs. Stormtroopers on Endor

19301164322_142782c413_m_d.jpg – 14. Brickfan - Thor vs Emperor Palpatine

18966867251_0048d4d7ca_m_d.jpg - 15. Sir Brickalot - Wolverine vs Count Dooku

Cat. B:

19337089772_8a1984081d_m_d.jpg – 1. Graham Gidman - A Different Universe

sml_gallery_38409_287_92672.png – 2. LegoPercyJ - Duku and Deadpool vsAnakin

18216495304_809ae58da6_m_d.jpg – 3. Sir Brickalot - Iron Man and Droids vs MODOK and Stormtroopers!

sml_gallery_38409_287_41255.jpg – 4. MontyPython - Iron Man Equips the Rebellion

sml_gallery_38409_287_113191.jpg – 5. scuotter - IronMan helps Han and Chewie

19089088899_03e9be4bca_m_d.jpg – 6. Commander Beltar - Merc Team-Up

sml_gallery_38409_287_17950.jpg – 7. JaseTJ - Obi-Wan Vs. Doc Ock

19151142579_108331605a_m_d.jpg – 8. Infernum - Red Face Team Up!

sml_gallery_38409_287_46665.jpg – 9. NuffSaid1996 - Ruckus on the Rooftops

19189116486_35bb33d078_m_d.jpg - 10. mediumsnowman - S.H.I.E.L.D. Infiltration

18688087133_4f3dbde96c_m_d.jpg – 11. Brickfan - Spider-man & Ewoks vs Scout Troopers

sml_gallery_38409_287_50759.jpg – 12. Borex - These aren't the droids you're looking

sml_gallery_38409_287_189406.jpg – 13. Lancethecat - We are Groot

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Lots of great entries, fantastic work everyone! :classic:

Cat. A



Did you mean to only vote for Cat A?

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Yeah, I usually don't vote in categories that I have an entry in.

Fair enough!

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