Donnie Bricko

[M - A04] Establishing Long Range Communications

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Location: Sector A04 - Mynderis

Tags: Building, Military

After the scouts returned from the surface of Mynderis, the core of engineers were dispatched to establish mining, research and communication centers.

My team was moved to a surface location that is roughly flat and void of alien activity. Here we constructed the long rage communication and research center.

All communication sectors have establied channels with our unit.

Research can now begin on the lava formations where trace amounts of Awesomnium are being detected on the surface. This could be a potential future mining operation as well.

In the next days the Military and Science experts with take over the location and I will be dispatched on my next mission.





- D

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Wow, that dish! :wub: Great job on everything else too, especially the interior of the tower and the rope ladder! :thumbup:

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Fantastic satellite and rock work. I think you could have used a much smaller base to avoid the large areas of flat studs and a few rocks and features that look out of place. The lava was done really well. Welcome to AG.

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