Leftover Characters from my Haunted Mansion

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Since I just found out that the Hatbox ghost is back (hooray!), I decided to show off the few good things I saved from my mediocre Haunted Mansion mod.

Here's Hattie himself.


This figure is not purist. The cape was altered to be a bit ripped on the sides, and the spikes were removed. The torso's not much of an overcoat, but I don't know what would be better. The necktie is also colored over. I'm not happy with the loose connection of the handle to the "hatbox", but I can't think of any better ideas.

Of course, with a switch of heads, the effect can be replicated. The black outfit helps to conceal the black head. He'd probably look better lit in blue, though.


The Conservatory was the only other scene I thought came out well. There's a headless minifigure with white arms holding up the lid, and the Raven and a candlestick are on top. The ripped tablecloth was my idea.


So that's it!

I'd like to make more characters from the ride, and I think a Singing Bust will be possible with the screaming ghost head in CMF S14. Constance hasn't worked out yet, since there aren't any white female heads with smirks. Madame Leota would work if there was a black version of the Hobbit hair (I could put the head into these.)

Overall, I'm just showing these because I love the ride! I'd love some ideas, though.

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