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On October 11, 2015 at 6:35 PM, sasbury said:

Some thoughts on the fire sets (as a Lego fire enthusiast).

Overall, the lineup is good but not exceptional. I realize these sets are targeted at kids, but I think Lego slightly underperformed on some things.

60109 Fire Boat

I like this set. Nice to see Lego using a larger hull piece (more realistic) for the fireboat. It would be nice to be able to extend the length of the boat.

Would it make more sense to have the shack on fire instead of the lighthouse?

Grade A-

60110 Fire Station

This set is almost exactly like 60004 (which I liked) but not quite as good. It does look like we get roll-up garage doors. The revolving door seems more at home in a hotel than a fire station. And, while I get the playability, I cannot figure out why there's a fire pole outside the front of the fire station. I do miss the baseplates that came with fire stations in the 80s and 90s.

Water guns are just silly. Really, Lego???

Grade B-

60111 Fire Utility Truck

I like the idea of a Unimog fire truck, but I don't get the snorkel trailer. It doesn't make any sense (this unit is for the forest?), and the boom doesn't reach high enough to be of any practical purpose.

If it were towing a bulldozer instead you'd have a MUCH better set! http://brickset.com/...Evacuation-Team

Grade B

60112 Fire Engine

It's nice to see a hook-and-ladder truck back in the lineup. The design is fairly good.

Unfortunately, the thing is designed backwards!!! The ladder should be on the front of the trailer and not the back. https://ideas.lego.com/projects/51537

I'd also like to see them make the ladder so it can extend.

Grade B- (grade reduced for being backwards)

What's missing

Lego missed a couple of opportunities with this lineup. I'd like to see them

• Re-release the 1x4x4 lift doors in red. They're going for about $20 each on Bricklink.

• Consider a hazmat team. It's becoming common in the United States to have this as part of the standard fire department. http://farm4.static...._ea315bd0be.jpg

• Release a 2x6x2 windscreen that's flat and not sloped. This has been a huge missing piece for fire apparatus builders.

Also, it looks like we finally get a yellow fire helmet in the Mixels sets. Yay!



I got the Lego fireboat for Christmas. It's a very nice set. I like that Lego is making larger boats as they're more realistically scaled. 

I would like to be able to extend the length of the hull (the width is perfect!) This would allow people to use the hull for cargo ship MOCs and larger fireboats like this one. The first Lego boats had this feature, and it seems like they could do a similar design with future hulls.

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