This is my first post here, so Greetings everyone! I have been salivating on the Mocs I have seen here for years. Had trouble getting LDD to work for 3(!!!) years. One day I was playing a game when the unused LDD popped up from nowhere and it runs fine ever since I have seen some fantastic X-Wings but not much love for the E-Wing, so I gave it shot. This is my first ever LDD Moc and probably my 4th in total, so all input is welcome. I still have trouble getting LDD to do what I want sometimes. About my E-Wing: I love both the old blocky and the more recent E-wing designs on the internet, so I tried to go somewhere down the middle road. I understand if design purists don't like my approach. My primary goal was to build a display (UCS?) model, but when I finished the external design, I wanted working internals as well for playability and swooshability. Something UCS models don't allow... After adding all the internals I had to redesign the whole exterior again, to make it strong enough. I tried to design my E-wing with the available parts that I have at home, so that was a huge limiting factor for both the parts and the color scheme. I'm sure I could improve the model if I plan to bricklink the missing parts. Features: -Functional landing gears -Storage compartment (Rear) -Generator compartment (Mid section) .2 generators can be pulled out of the craft -Droid compartment (Mid section). Droid can be pulled out of the craft after elevating the whole turret assembly -Rotateable and elevable turret (Above droid compartment) -Wings can be level for landing mode or dropped for flight mode -Internal Torpedo storage for 6 Proton torpedoes (Behind the pilot) -Reallstic cockpit design -Realistic thruster design with build in LED lighting powered by 2032 Battery for when the Star Wars fan friend come over for a beer Features that I had to drop because I was unable to solve it: -Joystick for the pilot -Loading arm for the proton torpedoes Future plans. I want to build the model as it stands now and keep improving it as new ideas, building techniques and part become available in the future. I would like to use everything I learned here to make my own X-Wing