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Basically, this is intended as a general topic for MOCs and concepts of G1 sets redesigned to match the CCBS aesthetic that G2 uses, as suggested in the G2 Bohrok Concepts thread. For the sake of not having duplicate threads, please post Bohrok revamps over there.

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So, yeah, here are two revamps of Rahkshi-Master of Anger and the Master of Hunger

Some general clues to fit them together :

  • A tail
  • Feet as base of head
  • Staff (similar to original Rakshi)
  • Unique feet for every single one of them
  • A spike on the back shell (should be kraata in new piece)
  • A general build, but modified for each one.





I know, they are not the best...but for what I could achieve using mostly Protector parts, I believe this to be...good.

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