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I have created some "Phantom of the Opera" minifig decals for the characters "phantom" (aka Erik) and "Christine". The design is taken from the broadway production however is not 100% stage accurate, i have changed some details in order to better fit on the minifig. The costumes included are Christine's "Think of me" dress, Christine's Dressing gown, and the tuxedo worn by the phantom during "music of the night". I have included all decals in flesh and yellow skin colour but if a transparent version is requested I can provide that. I have included The phantom's face decal both with and without his mask, these could be used double sided on the same head or on different fig's depending on preference. any additional costume suggestions would be greatly appreciated. This is my first attempt at designing custom decals, so any constructive feedback on how to improve these designs would be greatly appreciated.

If creating POTO Minifigs i suggest using Part 95225 in Dark Brown as a hairpiece for Christine and Part 92081 in black as a hairpiece for The Phantom

Any suggestions for what minifig decals to create next would be appreciated

I have the Illustrator files and will provide them if requested

Thanks, and be sure to tell me what you think!


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