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[SWvsM] - Cat B - We are Groot

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Knowing that even the Nova Corps and Yondu's ships would not be enough to combat Ronan's might, the Guardians enlisted the aid of the Rebel fleet to launch their attack on the Dark Aster. Just as Ronan was about to destroy Star-Lord in his own throne room, Wedge Antilles bravely crashed his starfighter through the ship and knocked him back into his throne. With the Dark

Aster set on a collision course with the surface of Xandar, Groot sacrificed himself by forming a protective ball around the two pilots, which would have been a lot more emotional had he not grown back to life ten minutes later.



Edit: Well, this is embarassing...I posted my entry without giving it a title. Just pretend it reads [sWvsM] - Cat B - We are Groot.

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