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[SWvsM] - Cat. B - IronMan helps Han and Chewie

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Han:- Chewie, please, pass me that hyperspanner.

Chewbacca:- GGWWWRGHH.

Han:- Yeah, I'm not sure that this scrap could work as an hyperdrive, but we've no other options stuck on this primitive planet.

C3P-0:- Artoo says that the chances of getting a working hyperdrive from that junk are 4356 to 1.

IronMan:- ...please, tell me again: a strange dark man, dressed like a bat, stole your hyperdrive and now you're complaining about my MK1 Hyperdrive? By the way, the scrap look is to make it up with the ship.

Han:- Hey! She may not look like much but...



C3P-0:- Hey, you, prehistoric piece of garbage!

Han:- Well, if your hyperdrive works like your robot for me it's fine!


20150630_180503.jpg 20150630_180436.jpg 20150630_180402.jpg 20150630_180454.jpg

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