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Commander Beltar

[SoNE 8.2] "Here We Go Again..."

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Edit: Please judge!

The story so far:

First Day Aboard the Avenger

At The Table-Before The Storm

Rescue Mission


Eliminating The Competition

Target Practice

*Imagine that the white background is sky where necessary (Still not too good at GIMP.)*

The Build/Story:

After some target practice, and a mission briefing, Beltar’s squad and one other squad where dropped off by Medical SSD Massacre and Medical Research ISD, Bludgeon.


Once Savior One and Two were in the atmosphere: (On board Savior 1)


Sarge: Here we go again. Another drop. Nervous aren't you, of course you are, first time you're gonna be jumping out of a ship...

Beltar: Yeah…Also because I read the report of what Weisson is supposed to be doing down there…

Sarge: That rebel base? Don’t worry. We won’t be going anywhere near that thing. I hope.

*Pilot over Comm* This is your captain speaking. I have some good news and some bad news. The good news is that we will be over the drop zone in T-Minus 20 minutes. The bad news is: I got one scary a** Rebel gun pointing at us. We are gonna have to start the drop sooner. I’m surprised that they’d shoot at two more ships with red crosses on the sides.

Sarge: Cooper? Is that even possible? We were supposed to be far away from that.

*Pilot* Yeah…We are…but that’s one heckuva cannon…Also Savior 2 has been hit, and has begun the drop.



*Pilot* Woah! We're hit. What was that back there?

Sarge: Uh, Rom ain’t comin down with us…

Beltar: Well there he goes… He’s kinda dead now…

*Pilot* Well that’s great. One hull breach and part of our shield was hit, along with Searchlight 1, even though we are dropping during the day.

Sarge: Just try to get us a little closer!


*Pilot* Alright, Savior 2 has just confirmed that all crew but the copilot is off, ‘cause the pilot is dead. And Malcom is putting her down. And I gotta get Kirk and the MP on the ground now. Opening Ramp at the same time.

Sarge: Roger that Cooper…Knew you guys probably wouldn’t make it home… Begin drop sequence Gamma-Alpha Four. Also, inform Kirk to pull the shute a little earlier so we don't waste another hour like last time greasing up the joins from the force of landing...

*Pilot* Haha! Will do Sarge.

Beltar: What do you mean Sarge? By both those things?

Sarge: Gamma-Alpha Four means the front jumps first, cause their gonna get hit first from a cannon. And normally, our pilots don’t make it home. Cooper has had a streak of five missions. I think his luck is up, he was good while he lasted.

Beltar: Can’t he jump?

Sarge: We don’t have enough supplies, and pilots are not trained for the field. Also, he has to set her down in the right place…


The troops started filing one by one to the back. The scout with snipers and a light jetpack, Scourge with a stretcher, Boris with a stretcher, and Rodrick, carrying the tent and a couple other supplies. Most of the blasters and other supplies were stored on Savior 2, which was completely cleared before going down besides the co-pilot.

Sarge: Move it along men, move it.

Rodrick: Ah, poor Rom.

Boris: Well let’s get a move on you slow scout!

Scout: One sec, waiting for the right balance..

Boris: Oh come on! MOVE already!

Beltar: They always like this during a drop?

Sarge: They know we may be going down soon, they want to get off faster, before that happens.


Boris: Alright boys, let’s make mom and dad proud. Jumpin’ into a zone while being shot at takes some courage...Also I'm last off"

Scout: Well good Ol’ Boris, you a coward?

Boris: Ah shut up, I’m always out last for section one, and you know that punk.

Scout: Fine, let’s jump!


Boris: See you down there Beltar and Sarge. Good luck on your decent! Geronimo!

Beltar: see you down there…

Sarge: Have a good flight!

*Pilot* This is your captain speaking. Cabin 2 is lost, all crew in cabin two are dead from what I can see over my cam, so Beltar and Sarge, your turn. Better do it quick, I feel like that gun is getting a lock on us…


Beltar: Come on! What are you waiting for sir!

Sarge: I’m jammed! Beltar Go Go Go! Get off while you can!

Beltar: Not leaving without you Sarge.


Sarge: Come on lad, pull for cryin out loud! Pull!

Beltar: Well you gotta push you know!

Sarge: I AM!

In about 15 seconds of pushing and pulling, it became unjammed, and Sarge rose up quickly to get his gear.


Sarge: Alright, let’s go.

Beltar: Agreed.

*Pilot* This is your co-pilot speaking. Cooper is down, and I suggest you boys get off fast! See you on the other side. GO GO GO GO N--….




Sarge: RUN!

Beltar: I’m running, I’m going!


Sarge: Now or never Beltar, we are higher than we are supposed to be but we got— Ah, jumping already…

Beltar: I think I’d rather jump!

Pilot Log:


Log 1:

Massacre Command, Savior One Leaving. Bludgeon Command, Savior 2 Leaving.

Roger that, pick up in two days at 09000.

Savior1: Malcom, how you holding up in there?

Savior2: Just fine. I think our luck is going to run out on this one.

S1: Agreed…Here we go again...

Log 2:


S1: Do you see that one scary a** Rebel gun pointing at us?

S2: Yeah…

S1: This is going to be real fun...


S1: I think its long range. We gotta hurry.

Log 3:


S1: Woah, Savior 2, Malcom, what was that?!?

S2: I’m hit! Starting Evacuation NOW!

S1: Roger that.

S2: I suggest you get Kirk and the MP on the ground ASAP!

S1: I'll see what I can do.

Log 4:


S2: AH! This is Connrad, Malcom is down! I repeat Malcom is down! I’ve lost engine 2, and all crew is off!

S1: Great…see ya on the other side man.


Log 5:

S2: Puttin’ her down in 5…4…3…2.......(Explosion)

S1: Goodbye friend. Alright, This is your captain speaking, I regret to inform you that Savior Two is down.

Sarge over Com: What?!

S1: All crew was off except for the co-pilot.

Log 6:


More Pictures in this spoiler. :laugh:


Front View of the Cockpit


Back of the cockpit


Inside the cockpit


Overview with the explosion






Bonus, I liked this one, so I didn't delete it, but I also didn't want to use it for the story pictures.

This build was more of a filler, and to get my story moving, so that I can use my last 3 freebuilds, and to try to finish this arc before the next episode comes out...

Hope you enjoyed, and as always, C and C welcome!


Edited by Commander Beltar

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That is a lot of pictures! I like the whole story and all the visuals to go with it. The hull breach and the explosion pics are really well done. Can't wait to see the rest!

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Looks great! The pictures are excellent and the figure posing really compliments the story well.

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Great story and really good work on the little vignettes/scenes! Only i dont like are that you used this ..... rebels trooper for an OT build :hmpf_bad: but the rest is well done!


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