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Commander Beltar

[SWvsM - Cat. A] Duel on Kamino

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I forgot to add the -Cat. A- to the title...Hope someone can do that soon..

One second Iron Man is fighting Whiplash on a race course. (Iron Man 2) The next second, he is in a hallway on Kamino, watching a fleeing Jango and Boba race to their ship. (SW Episode 2) Iron Man stops them and asks where he is, to which Jango starts attacking this stranger. In two swift hits to the face, Tony’s faceplate had fallen off, and the fight has begun.




Jango used a grapple to tie Tony’s arms to his side.

Tony: Jarvis! You there?

Jarvis: Yes sir, 58% Power.

Tony: Great! Didn’t need to know that. Options?

Jarvis: Activating repulsors.

Then, Iron Man suddenly jolted backwards towards the closing door, but Jango still pulled.


Jango: Another bucket helmet! See Boba? This guy looks nearly exactly like the other bucket helmet I encountered on Tatooine years ago. And he came out of nowhere too!

Boba: Get him, dad! Get him!

Jango: Boba, Get to the ship before Kenobi catches us, Go!

Boba: Okay, meet you there!


(Overview 2)

The fight continued, then suddenly, Iron Man vanished right before Jango’s eyes. And Jango paid no mind to it and ran towards his ship saying, “Ah well, easier dealing with this one than the one with the Merc for some reason….”

Iron Man was back on the race track and no time had passed at all, and due to his unawareness from the teleportation, Whiplash was able to strike him down.

I fit this in-between two movies… Thanks for reading! Hope you enjoyed! And as always, C and C welcome!


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Ahh! The nostalgia of Episode II! Great work capturing the scene of Kamino, love the build!

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