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Commander Beltar

[SWvsM - Cat. B - Merc Team-Up

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One second, War Machine and Deadpool are fighting it out inside the Helicarrier, the next second, they were on a dusty planet known as Tatooine. Deadpool could tell nearly instantly with his 4th wall breaking powers, that Jango Fett was another merc! And so the team-up began against Qui Gon Jinn, who was investigating a wanted criminal (Jango Fett) on Tatooine. Deadpool took Qui Gon, because he had a sword, and Jango took War Machine, because only he should have a bucket helmet.




Jango uses his grapple to tie War Machine’s arms to his sides, but it doesn't work! War Machine then uses his repulsors to try to get out of it!


Deadpool: You know, it’s always a pleasure to work with another Merc.

Jango: At least you’re helping…

Deadpool: That’s not nice! Do they have chimichangas around here?

Jango: I got some deathstix in my ship…

Deadpool: Wait! This is Star Wars! Isn’t it! This must be because Disney owns Lucasfilm and Marvel now!

Jango: You know what? Just shut up and fight for now…


Deadpool fights Qui Gonn after his blaster gets tossed to the side by the force.


(Overview 2)

Kind of a fast build...since a lot of the parts came from my pile of tan part which was once a building...

This will be a prequel to my Category A build. And yes, this has Classic versions of figures…since I don’t have a flesh Qui Gonn… You can’t really see Rhodey’s face, and Deadpool wears the mask…so I think it works. Hope you enjoyed! C and C welcome!


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Very creative entry! The title scared me because I thought it was the same team I have planned!

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Love the Deadpool dialogue, nice to incorporate the breaking of the 4th wall. :laugh:

Cool build as well, love the curves for the Tatooine wall. :wink::thumbup: :thumbup:

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