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12V Remote Control problem

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I have a very special problem:

For an exhibition (the day after tomorrow) I will use 12V-lights at my train station. I tried this function with a gray 12V transformator and the switch with the train crossing pattern: (set 5083). Everythings worked and I was happy.

Right button turn the lights on, left button turn the lights off. Everything is fine.


Now I need this remote Control switch to use the train crossing, but I had another set 5081 - remote control witch SIGNAL pattern. I opened (because it was sealed (ovp)) and I tried to use ist. But it doesn't works.

I think, it isn't broken. I think the reason is to find into the different between these both switch. The signal one stayed "down", after I pressed the button, and when I press the other button (red or green), the first button comes up.

The switch witch train crossing pattern works so: If I pressed any button, the button comes up immediately.

Also the train crossing has 2x three holes and the backside, the signal switch has 1x five holes and 1x three holes.

Could someone help me to understand the function. And: Why I couldn't connect normal light bricks with the signal switch. Does set 5080 works (Remote control for switch). Or does the switch in set 7862 works?

Please help me.


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There are a couple of things you can try using the signal switch with the red/green buttons. The red button supplies power to the signal light, the green one completes the electrical circuit to the track when it's used as a signal. To turn regular lights on/off use only the red button and the 5 holes in front of it. I can't remember which combination of these will work, but I'm pretty sure one does:

(Assuming you are using one of the single-piece plugs like these)

- plug in to the left and center holes

- plug in to the right and center holes

- flip the plug over and try the same two options

If none of the above work, use single plugs (like these) and plug one into the far left and one into the far right hole. Again, switch the plugs around if necessary.

For all of these options, the green button should switch the light on and the red on off.

If none of these work reply and I'll try something else.


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Andy was faster than me to reply :-)

It should work fine, but if you have a multimeter, check before you plug your lamps.

because they don't like shortcut :-)

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