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[O-H09] Diving Rig Buoy Operations

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Mission 5

Diving Rig Buoy Operations

Location: Wastyria [H09]

Tags: Civil, Ocean Engineering


c_leroy.jpgLeroy: Hi there Boxerlego. I'm Leroy, over there is Steve, and that is Jill. Welcome to the Octan Diving Platform.

sigfig.jpg Boxerlego: Thanks, It nice to finally step foot on the diving platform I designed. Lets get things going. I will get the raft ready.


c_leroy.jpgLeroy: Alright, First let do a quick equipment check before we start. Steve how is the Air tanks.

c_steve.jpgSteve: Air pressure is at max Leroy.


c_leroy.jpgLeroy: Great! Now get to the lower deck Steve and get the buoys ready. Jill how is the diving gear.


c_jill.jpgJill: Diving gear is ready.


c_leroy.jpgLeroy: Great Jill! Now get a life vest on and grab a radio. Then get the in raft with boxer and be ready to head out. You will be driving the raft around while Boxer deploys the buoys. I will be keeping a look out from here.


c_jill.jpgJill: Roger Leroy. Hey Steve, Make sure the buoys are secure on the rope. I don't want one coming undone while I'm out driving.

c_steve.jpgSteve: Looks likes all buoys are secured good Jill. Boxer did a good job.

c_leroy.jpgLeroy: Good now let get those buoys in the water Steve. How is everything Boxerlego.


sigfig.jpgBoxerlego: I'm finish with getting raft free from the dock and wrapping up the rope in the raft.


c_jill.jpgJill: Fantastic. Now move over and make some space for me so I can start the engine up. (raft starts to make motor boat noise "pup-put-put-pup-put")

sigfig.jpg Boxerlego: Here we go!


I will get some more pictures up

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Nice build with great Octan branding!

Thanks, Nothing is safe from the Octan Branding! When I have stickers. :laugh:

Excellent build! :p

Thanks, I do the best with what I have!

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