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Osric Farwind Chapter 8

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Osric and Christine arrived in Ruadh without major incident. They encountered several beggars along the way, but after the first 2 days of traveling they had to stop handing out food to the beggars, or else they would have risked starving themselves. Despite the staggering heat, Osric wore his armor. He hoped they would not have to defend themselves, but he put Christine’s safety above all else, and therefore wanted to stay prepared.

When they had arrived at Ruadh, the two were greeted at the gate by a group of Minotaurs on guard. Osric honestly had no idea if Minotaurs spoke the same language as he did, but as they approached, one spoke to him. “State your business,” he demanded.

“I’ve come so that my companion may enroll,” Osric answered. “If I can find someone in charge that can assist her I’ll be on my way.”

“Then you should speak with Seamus or Siedna,” the Minotaur said. “Unfortunately they’re not to be disturbed at this time.” The Minotaur paused and pondered a moment before continuing. “You could always talk with Matteus, Siedna’s husband. He doesn’t usually take in new students, but I can’t think of anything he doesn’t help out with in this town, so I’m sure he will be able to help you out.”

“That will do,” Osric said. “Where would we find Matteus today?”

“He’s likely testing a few ales in one of the taverns. He’s something of a connoisseur.”

After receiving directions to where the taverns were, Osric and Christine thanked the Minotaur and were allowed to enter Ruadh. The town, though still quite foreign to Osric, seemed much more comfortable to walk through the Barqa had. It was safe to say this was mostly attributed to being far less crowded. The first tavern they found was called “Al’s Ales”. It was very uncommon for women to enter a tavern in Oros. Though it was possible that this was not the case in Kaliphlin, he was unsure and asked Christine to wait outside to be on the safe side.

Taverns—even the ones in Avalonia—were still quite foreign to Osric. Ever since his brother’s death, Osric vowed to avoid alcohol all together. Osric allowed himself a few seconds to remember his brother, and how he in his drunkenness started a fight with a man who had done nothing wrong. Osric pushed the memory back once more before proceeding to the bartender and asking if Matteus was around.

“I’m Matteus,” said a man who was sharing a drink with a Minotaur in the corner next to the bar. “What can I do for you?”

“My name is Osric Farwind, and I’ve travelled here from Avalonia. My father has instructed me to bring a woman here to see if she can be enrolled. She is gifted when it comes to painting, but I’m afraid her talents are wasted where she lives.”

“She’s certainly come to the right place,” the man answered. “Hers is a story I’ve heard often. You must be in a hurry to be off, or else you would have spoken with my wife or Seamus. Are you in any trouble?”

Osric was a little startled by the question. With the war happening in Kaliphlin, Osric felt as though everyone else had far more trouble than he. “No trouble,” he finally answered. “I’m just eager to get to Petraea and have some questions answered.”

“Fair enough,” Matteus answered. “I’ll bring her to the dormitories right away. She’ll be able to stay there for the night, and I’ll have Seamus come see her in the morning.”

“Thank you,” Osric returned, and offered his hand to Matteus as he stood. As he did so, he wondered if shaking hands was a custom in Kaliphlin as it was in Avalonia. His question was soon answered as Matteus shook his hand, and the two walked out the door to find Christine.

Osric was never big on conversation, but he always found goodbyes to be the most difficult. Working with Christine in the smithy for so long, Osric grew quite fond of her, and was unable to say anything other than, “You’re always welcome to come back.” She couldn’t give an answer aside from wet eyes and a long hug.

Osric finally left to head out for Petraea. Evening was setting in, and he had already learned that travelling through Kaliphlin at night was much more pleasant than during the day. He blocked out thoughts of working at the smithy next to Christine by focusing on the forest giant and the mysterious chain it had worn. Hopefully he would find answers at the University, and hopefully all was well back home.



This whole Kaliphlin challenge has been a little painful, as there's been so much great activity, and I really wanted to participate more than I have, but I just can't get my desert builds to turn out how I want them. This was a very quick and simple one to avoid that frustration as much as I could while I attempt to participate more in the challenge. It didn't really help however. Anyway, I hope you've enjoyed. C&C more than welcome, and I've already got three other builds for this story complete, and should be posted relatively soon!

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Very effective tavern scene :thumbup: The tables look good and sturdy, and the wall texture and base design are excellent :classic:

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Great work! I like the story and the build. The kitbash minifigures are very nice and the way you made the tables :thumbup:

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