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In the city of Bruns Fall - on the west coast of Mitgardia - Captain Samuel Marron was worried:

Beacons had been lit. Something was going to happen, most likely something bad.


He rushed to the roof of the New Watch to lit Bruns Falls' beacon.


The weather had been mild so far with just a bit of snow. But Samuel had the feeling that a coldness would come in from the North.

Maybe a coldness worse than ice and snow.


He watched the fire burn and the smoke going up in the sky.

Little did he know what would lie ahead.

Developer's note:

I have added Bruns Fall where I would like to see it on the map. That may not be the standard process for getting a new city but I have no idea what that process would be.

And I realize that I don't know which font you are using.

Feedback to process and font is welcome! :grin:

In the "Captain Braunsfeld's part of the Algus Saga" you are here: Part 1

1) The Beacon of Bruns Fall

2) Defending the North

3) Southern Comfort

4) Help from a Nobleman

5) Two Minor Victories

6) Water does not stop them!

7) What's that coming over the hill?

8) Where the Rainbow Spell came from

9) AppleCalypse Now!

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Very nice build! You got a nice height to the tower, and I really love those tall glass windows :classic: Great job!

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Thanks for the kind comments.

This was just supposed to be another beacon - the building needs to be presented in a more extensive form, as this is the "New Watch".

The first version was "darker" and then Captain Samual Marron had it renovated.

I will post the pictures after my vacation - at some point in the 2nd half of July.

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Overall this is a very good build. The dished beacon is nice, the tower gives it a commanding presence and those tall windows are lovely. The other architectural elements, like the columns and arches, give it a little variety too and I like how you use the tall 1x2 pieces with the central groove. There is one thing I don't like - the new-style URPs lined up along the base. They're okay isolated, but together the repeated design never looks good. (Honestly, I prefer the old studded types because you could easily conceal or even modify their form with cheese slopes, slope bricks, vegetation, etc. But that's another matter entirely.) This setting definitely shows your building style. Good work!

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Great work!

I like how you made the Beacon - especially the section with the tall windows is nice :thumbup:

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Great beacon! Like that it's got a fortress around it, unlike most of the others. Sets it apart nicely.

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