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[Challenge 1] [M-C02] Sunrise on Hunston

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Now that M.A.N.T.I.S. operatives have begun to be issued with Mk.1 Assault Drones, Myra has sent her old recording probe to search for valuable resources on Hunston.


Scans reveal most of the water would need major treatment to be fit for human consumption, and the abundance of potable water on Yallorn makes this logistically unfeasible.

No accessible form of awesomium, gold, mithril or copper detected.

Large quantities of biomass detected, both in the form of flora growing in the fertile soil around long-dormant volcanoes, and in the form of fauna, particularly the large flying creatures, fittingly decorated with black and green feathers. Some kind of enormous, spiny aquatic creature also observed, though the water has prevented a detailed scan.

Conclusion: Biomass present and worth extracting, water present but not worth extracting at this time.



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Nice build! Using that slope for the sea creature's face is brilliant! And I love how you've represented its wake in the water :thumbup:

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