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Hello! I'm Wesden and I'm sharing my love for Legos with m

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I was a child of the 70s, when toys were simple, creative and fund, and that's what I'm passing along to my little tater tots who are 4 year old b/g twins. They are so excited to grow their Lego world, but not as excited as mommy :)

I am obsessed with minifigs, a handful which I am still trying to procure at a reasonable price - but I know serier 14 will come out and I'll want all of those :)

I have build a Lego City for my kids and tend to it every morning and evening to "tidy up" - it's a labor of love!

Excited to be here, and look forward to learning some tips and tricks, and meeting some friendly, and fellow obsessed, fans.

Good evening from California,


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Enough minifig-obsessed persons around here, don't worry! :wink: Enjoy your time at Eurobricks!

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