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MOD: Pet Shop

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It's been some time since I've uploaded anything to the site, so I thought I would share my modded Pet Shop.

It is a single apartment above the store with a front and rear entrance. The base is 32x32.

I forgot how to add spoiler tags so here is a wall of pictures.

Front of the Building


The front shows a nicely centered second and third floors.



Here you can see my terrible door design on the small balcony.


The Shop has many animals and pet supplies and also a bathroom.

View from front



WIP - The second floor will feature a living space, kitchen, fireplace, and a small balcony in the back. Still need to work on furniture

for this floor and the half wall behind the kitchen to divide the area.

Top Floor


WIP - Top floor is the bedroom and the bathroom. I plan on adding a larger bed and possibly a wardrobe or large dresser.

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Nice work on the MOD...maybe look at centring your sign a wee touch as the excess white on the right draws the eye.

I really like your extended shop and the work you have started in the apartment...nice fireplace :classic:

Good job..cant wait to see more updates!

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Nice extension so far!

I agree with gazumpty that the front sign isn't quite right. My suggestion would be to drop one of the windows and try to fit the sign above the remaining four, so that there is a section of wall between the shopfront and the entry to the apartment.

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I just purchased a second Pet Shop myself, before its retired any day now, to do a 24 wide mod. I love your sign with the added SHOP, would you happen to have an LDD or other set of instructions to spell it out? I'm hoping to be able to fit a bay window on each side of the town house but it might need to be 26 wide which will take some work. Great job on your building, I'd love to see the interior with the updates you mentioned.

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