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Commander Beltar

[SoNE Freebuild 8.1] Target Practice

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The story so far:

First Day Aboard the Avenger

At The Table-Before The Storm

Rescue Mission


Eliminating The Competition

The Build/Story:

After being

reassigned and lots of delivering the podracer, along with lots logistics and paperwork from Tatooine, Beltar finally got into an AT-MP as his new Staff Sargent had promised. Even though Beltar read the manual multiple times, it was still nearly alien to him. Though, in a few long minutes, he finally got the hang of it.

Beltar: “Sarge, what kind of medical purpose does this thing have?”

Sarge: “Uh, cover fire? Kid, just do it…”

Beltar: “Instructions? Anything? Just fire at the wall?”


Sarge: “No, there are some targets that will appear in a minute, hit them all as fast as you can, if you miss them, they will loop back at the end. Please don't pull an Ol ‘Kerkerold’ He blew up half the facility. That’s when we decided to lock all missiles during training…”


Beltar then received the green signal that the loop had been started. Beltar’s eyes watched trough the small window for the slightest movement. Then suddenly, he realized that it wasn't a moving target, but a bright red dot! He hit one, then another one. And they stayed lit. “Two-in-a-row, nice. I shouldn't get cocky yet though…” Beltar thought to himself.


Sarge: Huh, two-in-a-row. Kirk, this kid may have some use yet


Captain Kirk: Aye, don't speak too soon though, a lot can go wrong… Like Ol’ K-

Beltar: I can hear you two you know.

Sarge: Focus on the targets!


Meanwhile, an Imperial Adjustment Agency Officer* (IAA) watches on, with his two elite guards, they assess the surrounding troops at Bay 27 for possible relocation, reassignment, or to be relieved of duty.

IAA Officer: Some of these boys are sloppy. Perhaps they can be ‘reassigned’ to a better location…”

Guard 1: Agreed sir.

Guard 2: Sir, I do not see what you mean.

IAA Officer: Just listen to them!

Stormtrooper 1: Hey Boris, do you think Beltar will pull an Ol’ Kerkerold?

Boris: Nah, I was with him for a mission on Tatooine, seems like a good guy, he should do this. Oh! Two-in-a-row! I’ll take those 50 credits now. After this, I’ll grab a set of sabacc by the way.

Stormtrooper 2: This is so boring. Even a janitor duty would be better...Especially if this guy blows up the walls...

IAA Officer: That one, could be relocated to janitor duty. But their Sergeant and the one named Kirk are good at their job here, they can stay as well as this Boris character, others can move. But this Beltar. This Beltar shows promise. He may be useful in the future, oh there’s four-in-a-row now. He may be very, very useful. I shall write a path for him and file it to the IAA myself. Pending approval from the board of course.

Guard 1: This doesn’t have to do with the fact that Beltar is your so-

IAA Officer: Quiet. That is a private matter. He may be even better at my old job that I had late in the Clone Wars, except re-outfitted with an improved version of the suit of course, we shall wait for at least two months for that hopefully. Now let’s leave this area of the facility to judge the rest of the troops, then we shall return to Coruscant.

Guard 1 and 2: Sir, yes sir.

During the IAA discussion, Beltar managed to get a six-in-a-row before missing the 7th and 8th out of the ten causing an actual loop to happen, but he did complete it on the 2nd round.


(Beltar has just gotten down from the AT-MP)

Sarge: You did a great job so- (Commlink Buzzes) Uh-hu, command, this is SS-4459 reporting, I’ll get our team ready. Beltar, Admiral, no Commander Wiesson and two squadrons of stormtroopers just lost contact with us. From their last transmission, sounds like a rebel ambush. Boris! Get the squad ready. Beltar, follow me.

Beltar: Admiral Wiesson? I know him, a good friend of mine, we have to get there, we got to get him out of there!

Sarge: First, he’s now a commander. Second, let me finish. They just sent one medical team down already. They are now missing too. We are to search for survivors and get out of there ASAP. Looks like there will be some lower bunks available after this…I’ll brief the rest of the squad, you get the pilots ready.

Beltar:...Understood sir...

Sarge: Look, this Wiesson is your friend, if he is still alive, we will do anything we can to save him and any remaining men. I don’t like losing good men to rebels. Get to the hangar and inform the pilots. NOW!

Beltar then scurried off and informed the pilots of the upcoming drop. They loaded an AT-MP on and prepared tents, stretchers, supplies…and wingsuits. “What on earth are they going to use those for?” Beltar thought to himself.

More Pictures in the spoiler below.

















Thanks for reading! C and C welcome! Hope you like it! This is actually one of the biggest MOCS I've ever built or posted on eurobricks... Also, the story isn't that great, for two reasons: 1: I don't have enough time since I still have to write 2 more threads today.. and 2: I don't really know what else to add, this build is more like a bridge which will allow me to develop Beltar's story further. This was a wip for at least a month and a half. Then it was completed for the last half month, but I didn't have a good camera, but now I do! I hinted about a lot of different things in this build…


Edit: Forgot to Mention that Markus's build gave some inspiration. :classic:

IAA* Fake Imperial Military Branch, may have importance later…

Edited by Commander Beltar

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Thats great!!! Nice work on the room and wall details :thumbup:. Think we have the same Empire "room" style :classic:.


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Amazing build, man!


Thats great!!! Nice work on the room and wall details :thumbup:. Think we have the same Empire "room" style :classic:.


Thanks! Actually, that specific build did give me some inspiration for my build! :classic: Glad your you like it!


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Great story! I love how many of us build not just with bricks, but also with words here on SoNE. Great build also, a very distinct Imperial flavor. :thumbup:

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