[MOC Review] 1967 F1 Honda RA300

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Here's my small little review on this incredible MOC created by Nico71. The Honda RA300 was a Formula 1 race car from 1967 driven by John Surtees. This car also won the 1967 Italian GP. This Lego MOC created by Nico71 is one of the most detailed Lego race cars I've ever built and seen. Instructions for this model were purchased on his website.


Nico71 did an amazing job with the panels to create the distinct look for the car. From a small distance, it doesn't look to be made from lego (to my eyes). The car has a full suspension as well. Custom stickers were made from Staples brand sticker paper, then glossed after printing. Front wheels were painted metallic siver in Nico71's MOC, however, i'm to chicken to even try; I dont want to screw it up. I also used Michelin tires instead of the Technic Racing tires Nico71 used. The tires are the same size though.


The building process proved to be very difficult. It took some time to purchased all the parts and once building began, I had to be very precise even though I made mistakes along the way. It took me about 2 months to build it completely. All and all, I feel very accoplished to build such a beauty.


The car is able to run with Power Functions. Power comes from a standard AA Battery Box underneath the dashboard. I suppose a Rechargable Battery Box could work as well. The car uses 2 L motors for 2 rear wheel drive using 3 16 tooth gears. The car is also connected to an accurate fake V12 engine with a pair of 24 tooth gears.


The car also uses a Servo motor for steering, although I feel the jerkiness of the steering disrupts the car. For some reason, the car also clicks a couple times when the car begins to go in reverse. It doesnt seem to disrupt the car, unlike the servo. Proportional steering would fit so much better. I plan to upgrade the car with an Sbrick within a month.


To conclude, the car is simply stunning. The car looks great, and very accurate and detailed. The PFs work fairly well, but I think an Sbrick will be a much better especially with the proportional steering.The build was challenging, fun, a lot of building techniques were learned, and the car looks amazing at all angles. I seriously have no intention to take this beauty apart. In fact, I have a nice shelf to display this car. Thanks all who took the time to read, and thank you Nico71 for this masterpiece.

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I only built this MOC in LDD and appreciated very much the build experience. Very detailed/unique MOC.

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Enjoyable build, pleasure to own, larger than expected, instantly recognisable, the front wheels were plated metallic silver especially by Chrome Block City.

21741880500_720dd858f7_z.jpgHonda RA300 1967.1 by OneMoreRobot_NZ, on Flickr

21741874370_d61e6ac642_z.jpgHonda RA300 1967.2 by OneMoreRobot_NZ, on Flickr

21939669051_b31a5f7f44_z.jpgHonda RA300 1967.3 by OneMoreRobot_NZ, on Flickr

21939662861_85b5295ee4_z.jpgHonda RA300 1967.4 by OneMoreRobot_NZ, on Flickr

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Awesome stuff, does anyone have an estimate of what building a car like this would cost (without the PF perhaps even?), i assume the rear tires are the famous waaaaaaay too rare and expensive ones?

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