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[MOC] Katryna and BOB (Big Okotoan Beast)

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Katryna and BOB (Big Okotoan Beast) by TheOneVeyronian, on Flickr

So, after a whole month after the first WIP, this MOC is finally finished! Meet BOB, a bull-like Rahi creature with more strength and bulk than any other creature. BOB weighs over 1.8kg and comprises of close to 800 pieces, over 200 inside the CCBS frame to fill it out alone.


BOB (Big Okotoan Beast) by TheOneVeyronian, on Flickr

BOB's rider is Katryna, a female panther anthropomorph from a distant land who tamed and befriended BOB, something the villagers of Okoto tried (and failed) to do. Katryna prowls Okoto, travelling wherever she thinks she's needed, whether it's helping a Toa recover their Golden Mask or assisting the Dark Hunters. She doesn't make friends and she doesn't take sides. One minute, Katryna is the Toa's greatest ally. The next, she could be their worst enemy.


Katryna by TheOneVeyronian, on Flickr

Full gallery can be found here.

Comments, constructive criticism and the like appreciated. I had a lot of fun constructing Katryna, my first attempt at a clearly feminine figure (kinda inspired by Roodaka really), and BOB, while he took a month to construct (kept running out of shells) and was a real pain to construct, and was nearly destroyed along the way by my cat when he knocked over a big display onto it, I think he turned out really well :classic:

Hope you enjoyed looking at it as much as I did building it!

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Amazing! (More cat-MOCs are never a bad thing)

Thanks! I guess you like cat MOC's then. I should mention I wiped the gold printing from the panther head because it would have looked odd given there's no gold anywhere else. Forgot to mention it in the main post!

(slightly off topic: this whole subforum seems to be a ghost town today, where is everybody? :look: )

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Going off some constructive criticism I received on other sites for this MOC, does anybody have any thoughts on whether to incorporate more colour into BOB (and what colour I should go for if Metru Red doesn't work for you), or how to add more Metru blue into Katryna (i.e. what Metru Blue Bionicle pieces might work well with CCBS)?

I'm not sure why I even post MOC's here anymore as people seem very disinterested in most MOC's in general here nowadays :look:

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