MOC: The End of the Internet Era

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At the 00:00 UTC was made an unprecedented sabotage. Eighty mini submarines simultaneously around the world cut transoceanic fiber-optic lines, at the same time ballistic missiles shoot down satellites. The Internet was destroyed. Internet Era came to an end .

Millions of people in cities around the world left without the usual activities came out to the streets ... but instead of irritation, people suddenly displayed a general rejoicing. It turned out that the [/quote] is much better social networks, online games have given way to sports, and books and movies more interesting to read in the library and look at the movie theaters. Mankind has realized that the Internet is essentially slow down the process of its development, and it was decided not to rebuild the network.


The End of the Internet Era by Dmitriy and Anna, on Flickr

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Huh, very Pixar futuristic feeling. Great creation of mood using the regular bricks that we know and love. Very nice. :classic::thumbup: :thumbup:

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