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Olympian Decals

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Hi all,

Here are a couple of decals I created in inkscape for a series of customs based on the Greek pantheon, which hopefully will be off the ground soon. (Waiting on a few bricklink orders before I can assemble some of the figures).

The first is a pretty generic robe. Likely going to be used on Zeus, applied on a lego muscled torso using white waterslide paper.robe.png

The second is based off the lego hoplite armour torso , possibly to be applied on the same torso with a gold sprayed background to get a metallic effect, though I am not sure how well that would work.


With both of these I have tried to approach the decal in a way that I feel TLC would have, which hopefully I have succeeded in.

Any comments or suggestions for improvement would be welcomed!

Thanks very much.


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Great work! It's a while seen I've posted here but since is a theme I like and I also share your concern on keep my decals with TLC feel, I thought I could comment.

The designs are really good but if you allow me I'll suggest 2 things:

-On zeus I'd add some detail on the medallion that hold the toga, some greek pattern or even a little thunder, could look cool and had depth to the design.

- On the armor I'm no so sure about the abdominal area, its based on the lego one I know, but perhaps base it one of the muscled torsos would produce something better. But again it's just my taste, you may like it as is :)

Anyway looking forward to seeing the completed minifigs


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