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The End of Chapter Two in the Wyndor Saga - The Sealed Chamber

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“Why can’t we just enter the ring and wake them up?” asked Leif.

“We could,” came Edea’s sharp reply, “but then it would take hours for them to realize what had happened and in that time they may decide we are better off dead than helpful. With this spell we will wake them up with the knowledge of what has happened and the fact that we were the ones who freed them. That will convince them we are here to help them and will keep us from getting killed in some nasty ways. These aren’t creatures to talk things over first.”


With that she turned her back and Leif and she and her sisters formed a ring around the Triad and started chanting.

Leif, inpatient with it all and anxious to see all his hard work of giving away the dwarves secrets turn into power for himself didn’t notice three men rushing into the room until they were moving past him.


Wyndor was about to cut off Edea’s head when Vincent yelled, “Wait! If you do that now with the spell unfinished, we could all die!”

Wyndor halted in mid swing and brought his blade to a halt.


Just then the chanting stopped and the three lifeless figures in the middle of the room started to stir. Edea and her sisters returned to normal and saw the intruders among them. Wyndor’s blade was at Edea’s neck, Mattimeo had a firm hold on Leif and Vincent was poised, watching the Triad.

“No one move!” said Vincent. “They haven’t been fully released yet!”

“Don’t even think about it Edea,” said Wyndor. “One false move from you or your sisters and you’ll pay the price.”

Edea just laughed at him, “You think we didn’t prepare for this possibility? Now sisters!”


Moving faster than Wyndor could see, Edea was outside his reach and within the circle. The Triad was most certainly awake and Edea’s sisters were summoning energy to attack them with.



Wyndor and his friends looked like they were outnumbered and doomed when the Blue Wolves began to rush into the chamber! The fight grew fierce and bodies were flying about the room.



Wyndor saw Valanice, Natolyth, Chalin and Liam join the fray.




One of Edea’s sisters was the first to fall.


Then the werewolf. Then Edea’s other sister.


Then the vampire.




Then the warlock. Then only Edea was left.

“It’s over Edea!” said Wyndor. “We’ve beaten you!”

“No!” she screamed. “This can’t be possible! The Triad should never have fallen to a group of weaklings!”

“Looks like Dalig Ulv isn’t so weak after all,” said Mattimeo. “Unified, we have stood against this evil, and we have shown you that it can’t triumph here.”

“I’ll never let you get out alive!” Edea screamed and then fire erupted all around her.


Natolyth reacted the fastest, casting a spell that cut through Edea’s defense and felled her.



The firestorm over, in the silence that ensued Vincent’s twang of his crossbow sounded ten times as loud as normal. The group turned to see Leif, a knife in hand and a bolt in his guts. The Blue Wolf he was about to attack dragged him out of the shadows. His life was quickly draining out of his body so Wyndor knew he didn’t have much time.



“You, you were the one who was giving Edea the dwarves secrets!” accused Wyndor.

“*cough* *cough* Yes, I befriended Rothgar and got him to trust me” Leif managed to get out around the blood.

“But why?” asked Wyndor.

“You haven’t tasted enough power yet Wyndor” he spat out. “Being a mere member of a city council is no kind of place for a man with my talents. I was meant to rule Mitgardia. The Triad and Edea could give me that power.”

“I feel sorry for you” was all Wyndor could say.

Leif looked at Wyndor with hatred in his eyes. “If it weren’t for you, and your sense of righteousness, I could have gotten what I deserved.” Then his eyes rolled back into his head.

“I think you just did” said Liam.

“He was the true monster here” said Vincent. “The rest of these creatures are foul, but he knew the people he was going to sacrifice, made friends with them, lived with them, and still he was willing to give them up for his own gain. My work here is done.”

There seemed to be nothing left that needed to be said so Wyndor led the group out of the chamber. Treacleheim was cleansed.


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Wow thats a lot of action going on here... Beautiful action scene MK! Nice table/chair design and coolio rockwork at the wall.

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Excellent build MKJ, I really like the rock wall! :classic: Nice texturing on the other wall as well, and the black and gray floor looks very nice! :thumbup:

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Excellent conclusion to this section of your storyline :thumbup: I like the SNOT rockwork for the cavern wall, and the rows of masonry bricks add some nice decoration :classic:

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Excellent build and even excellent-er story! I always like the effort you put in to your stories! Do you have a plan from the start or do you make it up as you go along?

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Thank you all for your kind comments!

Excellent build and even excellent-er story! I always like the effort you put in to your stories! Do you have a plan from the start or do you make it up as you go along?

I've had an ending in mind for the story, and some key pieces along the way. But a lot of the details are made up from build to build. The AoM challenge has certainly extended the story a lot. I had planned on building this particular build a year ago, but then I got into adding AoM builds into the story, as well as the Frozen Beyond addition, and now here we are! I do have some plans for the future of Wyndor, but nothing near as intensive as these last two chapters :grin:

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