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[SWBP] Battlefront : Geonosis Battle Pack

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Star Wars Battlefront : Geonosis Battle pack

Fight Separatists with the new , Grand Army of the Republic ! Take cover behind the rocks to avoid the Droideka's heavy fire ! Then fly using the Jet Trooper's Super Jumper and shoot the droids with his rocket launcher ! Recreate the epic battle of Geonosis as you played it in Star Wars : Battlefront 2 .

  • Includes 4 minifigures : Clone Trooper , Jet Trooper , Battle Droid (Geonosis) and Droideka !
  • Both Troopers and Battle Droid (Geonosis) are armed with game - accurate weapons !
  • Fire the Jet Trooper's rocket launcher !
  • Have the Jet Trooper fly for a limited amount of time ( just like in the game ) with the Super Jumper !
  • Have the Clone Trooper take cover behind the rocks




17692608103_4bc6964b9d_n.jpg 18314640691_a501a98a12_n.jpg 17690444194_b63d044a02_n.jpg



Notes : - The gonk droid design is inspired by Sage C's design

- The set contains 70 parts ( excluding minifigs and weapons ) and the droideka is made with 29 parts

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Thanks guys ! I tried a lot of different designs for the destroyer droid and I hope you find the result accurate . I'd love to hear more people's opinions on this :sweet:

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