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[SWBP] Jawa Droid Shop Battlepack

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My (last minute) entry:

Jawa Droid Shop Battlepack


Recreate an action packed scene never seen in the Star Wars™ Saga! Create epic (and slightly dodgy) deals with this fantastic new battle pack. Help the Jawa repair droids with the blacksmith-style hammar with absolutely no functions, and lift up droids with the crane to be fixed. Or, why not customize your droids with other parts (included) to get that unique droid look? Don't forget to turn the vapouriser on or your little cloaked friend will collapse in the swealtering heat. Will the Tatooine resident™ get a cheap deal, or will the crafty Jawa™ sell him a duff piece of junk? Or maybe the Jawa™ will die of dehydration and the Tatooine resident™ will get a freebie? YOU DECIDE!!!!!

Includes 2 minifigures and 2 droids: Jawa™, random Tatooine resident™, and two Astromech droids™.

Play features:

Repair droids!


SWBPC by Lord Tyrus, on Flickr

Lift droids!


SWBPC by Lord Tyrus, on Flickr

Sell droids!


SWBPC by Lord Tyrus, on Flickr

Get angry customers after selling droids!


SWBPC by Lord Tyrus, on Flickr

Customize droids!


SWBPC by Lord Tyrus, on Flickr


SWBPC by Lord Tyrus, on Flickr

Edited by Lord Tyrus

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Fun set, Lord Tyrus!

It's fun that you presented it as a real set, however, can you please remover the Lego logo? You see, TLG doesn't like their logo on MOCs, because they wouldn't want to be directly associated with something they can't guarantee the compliance with their srandards of. So no matter how good your creation, we'd like to avoid any problems. It's enough if you remove the "LEGO" text, for example, and maybe replace it with "SWBP" or something similar. That's your creative decision. I'd like you to know we put this in the rules, so as long as you don't fix this, this entry (and any entry that uses the logo) won't be elegible. And that would be a shame for such a nice creation.

Good luck!

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I hope this is ok, and I hope it's still allowed... Sorry...

The changes you made are perfect. Thank you.

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