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Hi guys,

So I figured, if anyone would be able to help me, it'd be the fine folks over at the Eurobricks Forums. :classic:

Basically I am trying my best to recreate this:


As seen in the LEGO Movie (though briefly), it is one of the Wild West Citizen's Master Build creation designed to thwart President Business.

I am currently attempting to recreate it in LDD, with limited success, (I've done the head, reigns and a bit of the front legs).

I have found a few low-res or blurry images online which are not too much additional help unfortunately.

However, I do know that a recreation of this horse can be found at The LEGO Movie Experience at Legoland California, which does admittedly differ ever-so-slightly from the onscreen version, but nevertheless will be the closest reference imagery I'll be able to find outside the one above still from the film.


  • Has anyone here been to visit The LEGO Movie Experience and has already happened to have taken some nice high-res imagery of this horse..?
  • Or is anyone going soon who would be able to assist me by taking some detailed snaps?
  • Can anyone identify the Minifigure riding on top?
  • Does anyone know the original creator who built it?

I know it's a long shot, but any further reference imagery I could get would go a long way to helping me re-create this great build, which I would of course share on completion.

Many thanks for your interest and help!

- James

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Hi booh88 (James)! I'm kind necroposting here, but in case you're still looking, here's the best shot of the horse model I got while at Legoland CA a few months back:


With the shot you have above, this shows almost the whole thing beside the very back end. Hope it helps! :classic:

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