[SWBP] – Jawa Ambush

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One minifig I always wished was available outside of expensive Sandcrawler sets are Jawas. Please find my SWBP entry images below - a Droid being ambushed in a Jawa Battle Pack playset.

Features 3 Jawas (all slightly different in colour, cape style, hood) and an Astromech droid to be 'salvaged'.


The cliff-face is hinged and can swing around. The desert incline can be moved to suit your display setup.


The cliff face can swing 180 degrees to make a deeper cave to hide in if you are a Jawa...


Or the droid can hide in the cave to try and avoid the gaze of those glowing yellow eyes.


Where did R2-R7 go?


"Utinni!" - a gentle push of the droid with your finger down the desert incline ends with the droid being shot with an ion-pulse and falling front-first onto the track (the lugs on the track enhance this play-feature), ready for the Jawas to take back to their Sandcrawler.


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Brilliant entry!

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very nice jawa pack jp-30. The only downside to a lot of these being available sets would be the sting on my wallet. Id want 2 of yours!

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