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[REVIEW] Ninjago | 70748 : Titanium dragon

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Hi EB, here is another review of a set from previous Ninjago wave ; the titanium dragon.

Name : 70748 : Titanium dragon

Theme : Ninjago

Year : 2015

Pieces : 360

Price : 39,99€

The box



Middle-size box with a lovely color code and this wave's "jungle" environment.

As always the back of the box shows the different play features.

Stickers / Pieces

Small stickers sheet to add some details :


And 4 bags of pieces (some seem pretty empty) :


Well, not a lot of interesting parts :sceptic: Still some beautiful Anacondrai equipment parts and a dark tan "scale" wedge that were already spotted in the 70749 - and 2 parts that I never had before :

- flat silver parts that will be used as wings (also present in the Milano set)

- technic pin connectors : round 1L in dark bluish grey (in some recent sets - but never seen before for me)



Again a nice figures combo :classic:

Let's start with Zane that is now the titanium ninja with a detailed dual head :


Then Clouse - magician and Chen's right-hand man - in my opinion the star of this set :blush:

Dual head for him too and a nice haircut (from SW rebels sets - in black this time) :


Last but not least Chop'rai - snake version of Chop with these wonderful shoulder pads :



We start by building a little outpost for our villains, that hides a key (don't know what this key opens but it seems to be valuable ^^) and a small catapult that throws a chain bola.


Now let's move on to the main build - the dragon itself.


Not quite convinced with the overall result :sceptic:

Good point for the brick-built head, in my opinion it is a great improvement compared to the previous ones with 2 meta-pieces for their heads, but it doesn't look like a dragon head for me.

I don't know what to think about the wings either, maybe not the better choice.


Not very dragon-ish for me :look:

Remaining parts

One extra technic pin connector round 1L - else nothing very noticeable.



Well, I guess after reading my review you understand that I am only half-convinced with this set.

In one hand I'm a huge fan of the minifigures - 2 great exclusives ones and a beautiful snake - but on the other hand it is really the dragon's body that worries me :sceptic:

Especially with previous dragons in Ninjago sets that were really good.

Beside the dragon's aesthetic that I am maybe the only one to dislike - the set is very playable, and Ninjago sets are often seen with an interesting discount. So in my opinion I would say that with a lower price why not - else better add some extra money and go for the fantastic 70749.

One last pic to conclude :


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I didn't think it looked much like a dragon either, compared to how it looks on the show. Great review though.

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Yeah, add a brick slopes on headfor a flying kitty!

I agree dragon don't look good, but jit's full of great pieces that can be usedfor enginiering your own robo dragons!

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I really love this dragon's catlike look. It makes it feel very unique, not to mention pretty cute. I didn't have any issues with it not seeming dragon-like, although that might just be because I've seen so many vastly different portrayals of dragons over the years.

The dragon's body is definitely very unusual in terms of how thin it is, but at the same time it uses some extremely creative building techniques for the saddle, and I really love its wide range of potential poses. The wing articulation is limited compared to some other Ninjago dragons of the past, but I don't think this detracts from it severely since the wings are also smaller and less obtrusive than on some of those dragons whose wings could fan out. Overall, it's a set that might very easily have been on my Ninjago wish list even if it hadn't included any exclusive minifigures.

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Good Review.

Like you aready noticed however, opinions on the dragon's looks might vary.

I just bought it on a discount I couldn't walk by and was really suprised by how good and imposing it looks live.

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