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Today I'm proudly present you my new MOD - 6x6 CUV, originally made by Madoca.


His CUV impressed me so much when I built it, that I decided to build a modified version. Main targets was: impressive exterior, powerful drivetrain and different bodywork. Also I wanted it to have some serious off-road capabilities, so I decided to use larger wheels with custom tires.

So final features is:

- 6x6 drive

- 4 L-motors (2 on each side)

- 4 Li-Po BB (connected in parallel)

- SBrick

- Positive caster angle (front suspension)

- Wheel reductors (3:1) and custom tires


I tried to keep the original look, but front wheelarches was too small, so I replaced them with flex axles



The rear part now looks completely different, it looks more like pickup.


Special thanks to jorgeopesi for his wonderful fake engine idea!


The only noticeable change in the cockpit - sticking BB


The rest are hiding in the trunk :classic:

Here is the teaser video:

Thanks for watching! Hope you enjoy it :blush:

Feel free to leave comments, your feedback is very important for me.

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Silenwin, you surprised me again! :wub:

Thank you for building 6x6 version! As you noticed, Chassis of CUV is extendable. I was planning to build and share both 4x4 and 6x6 version at the beginning of the project. Later I focused on building 4x4 for making better balanced model using two L motors and one Li-Po BB. (Two L motors didn't have enough torque for 6x6)

I got my inspiration from this six-wheeled Citroen.


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Thanks to all of you guys for your kind words!

Madoca,I'm sorry for reading your thoughts >:)

I'm glad to hear that you like my mod =)

Great concept-car, btw!

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