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[CG:K15, DK v U] The Undead Can't Die

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When the peasants of Auner took the Desert King's men to the top of their tower and threw them over, what they didn't realize was that it was all part of the mummies' plan. The Desert King had sent his men to Auner to establish a trade route within the city. When the mummies applied a very lenient tax on all goods traded with them, the people of Auner rebelled and called them thieves.


What they didn't remember was that you can't kill the undead. They are already dead.


So when one of the mummies' wrappings got caught on the rough stone and a corpse started walking away, it gave the men of Auner quiet a fright!


The mummies locked the rebels in their own tower and posted a guard to keep them in there until the war was over.


OoC: I built the base using the same stud count, but arranged differently.


Can someone official confirm that this is okay for this counter?

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The headlight bricks work well for wall texturing here, and the unwrapped mummy is an amusing touch :thumbup:

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Haha, first time I see a "naked" mummy in lego! Great and humorous idea. And your version of the tower has a really nice texture.

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