The Indivisible Woman

'Allo from sunny England!

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Hey, I'm Lexi. I'm a 21yo student writer and filmmaker from lovely dystopian England.

I've been visiting Eurobricks for nearly 10 years, but only now decided to actually become a member on a whim. I make MOCs but also do a lot of near-purist minifig customisation (was a member of Minifig Customization Network back in the day). Right now I'm working on a bunch of Marvel customs.

Aside from LEGO, I make promo videos, and I do marketing for a theatre company. I'm also writing the script for a comic book series, for my Masters dissertation (and hopefully publication further down the line)!

I love novels and comic books (right now I'm reading Tank Girl, Big Hero 6, Ms. Marvel, and The Umbrella Academy), movies (currently planning a MOC inspired by Mad Max: Fury Road, which was incredible btw), 60s/70s/80s rock and pop, TV, animals, science and musical theatre. :tongue:

Looking forward to being part of the Eurobricks community and sharing some wacky MOCs and minifigs!


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Thanks for the welcomings! I may be posting a MOC on here today or tomorrow. :wink:

Welcome, btw you spelt rainy wrong in the title.

Haha, it was actually sunny when I posted this though. And it is right now!

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