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Charpai, Toraros, and Polarus: Masters of Magnetism

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(Ok first off I'm terrible with naming characters, these guys sound like pokemon! :wacko: )

Anyway this is a project I've wanted to do for a while, but because of exams I couldn't even start on it until yesterday! Essentially I wanted to make a toa of magnetism, but then one of my friends suggested I make 2 of them to account for the opposite poles. And so Charpai and Toraros were born!

Charpai controls the attraction forces of magnetism and Toraros controls the repulsion.


But then I had the idea of taking these guys a step further by giving them a new form... Polarus!



A shot showing the two components, and how they are connected



Tahu for size...



Thanks for looking :classic: . Does Polarus stack up? Comments and Criticisms welcome!

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I admire the two-parter build of Polarus. Simple, yet effective.

On their own, 'Charpai' and 'Toraros feel incomplete. I think it's Charpai's lanky arms I dislike, though I also feel the HF helmet isn't the best fit.

Only together as Polarus do they feel like a cohesive unit. Well-balanced, even distribution of color, and I like the electric shoulder elements a lot too. :)

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