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Why is LEGO now being made in China?

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The awful figs are from knock-off that make models with similar bricks as Lego but not really copies of sets : by doing different sets and different figs they avoid legal problem.

The good copies are, unfortunately, good :look:

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this could be both good and a bad thing for us. If we voice our concerns, TLG could focus and switch it to the good side.

It is important that we say how we feel, what are we afraid off and what we would like

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Today I saw a Lego fan site asking visitors if they noticed a drop in quality in recent CMF series like clutch power, seams, color vs. minifigures from sets. It made it sound like fans have noticed a drop in quality from the China factory output.

My Lego Dimensions Supergirl hair is too loose and comes off easily when placing on and off the NFC reader.

A newly bought online PAB hair piece fits snuggly on a very old head, but fits very loosely on a new online PAB head. Weird.

I just tried using Batman CMF Catman to make Wolverine and when I swapped the head, a non-CMF head was an extremely tight fit on the Catman torso neck.

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